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Transitioning into Compound Lifts After Shoulder Surgery


Hey Guys,

A couple months ago I had shoulder reconstructive surgery repairing my labrum. I have been rehabbing my shoulder and am now at the point where I almost have full range of motion. My physical therapist said I can begin weight training again but im not exactly sure what exercises to start with and how to progress. So far I have been doing light dumbbell floor presses, rows, shrugs, and tricep pushdowns. In addition I am just starting to do pushups.

Although my physical therapist said I can begin lifting again, I am not sure what to avoid and how to transition into performing compound lifts. Would anyone have any tips on transitioning into deadlifts and front squats(using straps) after shoulder surgery? Are these movements ones that I should wait to reintroduce to my programming or should these not put much stress on my shoulder?

Any advice is appreciated,



I would say wait a little longer before starting compounds. At the very least, wait until you have a full range of motion. Talk to your physical therapist, I’m sure they can give you a decent Do’s and Dont’s list. Getting a full range of motion back is always priority number 1 though.


Your PT doesn’t design strengthening programs for you? Wow. I would think that would be part of the protocol. After my surgery, my surgeon and PT specified exercises and weights until I was six months out.