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Transitioning into 20 Rep Squats

I have been on the texas method for a few months and progress has slowed to the point were I want to now try 20 rep squats to add some bodyweight and hopefully get some big legs before going back to strength trainng. I have tried to incorporate Randall Strossen’s super squats program principals into a program that is easy to transition to from the texas method.

I understand that this may cause me to overtrain and I will back off to 2 heavy days a week and drop wed intensity to a recovery day. Tell me what you guys think about this.

Squat (1x20)
Press (3x10)
Row (2x15)
Chins (1xMax)
Dips (1x20)

Front squat (1x20)<---- can front squats be done for 20 reps too?
Bench (3x12)
Row (2x15)
Curls (1x20)
calves (3x20)

Squat (1x20)
Press (3x10)
SLDL (1x15)
Situps (1x25)


I don’t know much about the Texas Method, but that looks like a decent program, with the exception of the front squats. If you’re planning on doing them in 20 rep breathing squat fashion, you’re going to either fail or hurt yourself. You’ll understand why once you do your first set of 20 rep back squats.

Second on the Front Squats. Those would be tough to do 20 rep breathing style. I’m sure someone out there probably has done it, but it didn’t work for me. The great part of the back squat with 20 rep is that the bar is so stable up there on your back. The bar is locked in so you just get to use all your focus on your effort and breathing and trying not to black out.

Great stuff. Have fun with it. I’ll probably go back and do another cycle of 20 rep squats in a month or two.

i’ve been doing 20 rep sets on squat and deadlift this year , not sure of the strossen method , or the texas one but as oneeye said , the breathing squats are a killer, would you think about only doing them once a week , then up it if you feel you need to, if your training un assisted you’ll never recover with the three times, take 7 to 10 days to get all the rubbish out your system,

try it on the deadlifts once a week , you’ll love it

Thanks for the replies folks. I will just do back squat instead then. I will try 3x a week to start like the book says and then drop it to 2x if i feel like its too much. I might even go down to 1x if i need to however if that is the case, i will just throw back in the high intensity friday that the texas method does.

Could I replace the monday 5x5 in the texas method with 20 rep squats and just do the rest of the week as normal (texas method)?

Holy crap those were hard. I just got done doing some. 135x20 made my legs feel awsome!!! Going from low reps to high reps feels very different. Hopefully this will get me big.

Are you doing the whole “squats and milk” thing? You gotta eat to grow. What’s your diet plan like?

[quote]gonugs wrote:
Are you doing the whole “squats and milk” thing? You gotta eat to grow. What’s your diet plan like?[/quote]

Yup!! Squats and Milk!!! Ive been drinking a gallon of milk every day for almost 4 months. In addition I usually eat 3 huge meals. I always shoot for 3500 calories and when that stops working I will add in a few hundred more.

Yeah, they are hard, check out the book Super Squats, and “The Complete Keys to Progress”

You might want to throw a little more volume in there, like 2-3 sets per exersize and some form of overhead press, and some form of deadlift at least once per week.

Don’t hurt yourself, but pushing yourself as far as you absolutley can each and every rep is VERY important with this program. So is enough calories for growth, so drink you gallon of milk per day (non-fat if your afraid of too much fat gain, whole if you just want to grow!)

aint milk great, I love the stuff , alot of guys dont rate it , i do though