Transitioning from Fat Fast to Don't Diet

Do any of you guys have any input on the best way to transition from Fast Fast to the Don’t Diet plan? I have another week on FF and would like to try Dont Diet without gaining fat from the introduction of carbs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m interesting to have a answer please !


Hey folks. I went from FF to DD a little while ago. All I really did was go from zero carbs to about 10% carbs for 2 weeks, then to 20%carbs for a week, then 33% carbs for 2 weeks, now I’m on 45% carbs. Now that I’m on 45% carbs (maintenance levels) I’ve stopped Meltdown Training, started a 4 way split plus Renegade Rope Training, stopped virtually all supplements, and I’m still losing fat!!! Let me know if you want more detail.

Have you gained wait during this phase ?
And thank a lot for your answer guy !


How fast did you increase your calories???

Hey Byp0 - It seems that I’m just achingly slowly regaining weight. I’m purposely not over-eating much as I want to avoid as much as possible a rebound fat accumulation. I can say that I’m still leaning out slowly and my muscles/physique has gotten a much harder look to it, and I’m getting increasing vascularity. I’ll most likely put up the info on my website at some point. If/when I get it up I’ll post the URL if anyone’s interested.

I want the URL :slight_smile:

Yeah put the URL up.

While this thread is fresh in everyones mind I’ll post the URL of my training stuff. At the moment it’s just all about the cutting-cycle I just finished, but I’ll tack on the recomposition phase in about a week or so. Here 'tis… markyabsley/bodybuilding2.html

Hi Mark-AUS, want you say 20%carbo, how much Protein and fat you eat ? P-C-F 40-20-40 ? 45-20-35? And what is the P-C-F for don’t diet ?

Hey bypo - Week 1 - 2 50/0/50 (P/C/F). Week 3 - 5 50/15/35. Week 6 - 7 33/33/33. Now I’m on 35/45/20. It varies a little, but I’m spot on most days. I’m still losing fat too…