Transitioning Back to a Cruise State

Blasting current: Week 8

Weeks 1-5
750mg/wk - Delytestryl
50mg/ED - Tren Ace Mon-Sat

Weeks 6-14
600mg/wk Delytestryl
150mg/M,W,F - N.P.P

250 iu HCG EOD for 3 weeks - 2nd week in
.5mg Arimidex EOD

I have 4 kits of Norvotrop hGH kicking around
and have been researching slin a little, still on the fence if its worth it when I’m just recreational

Figured I’d like to start the hGH now so I’m feeling it when I drop my test in a few weeks down to 200mg/wk but to what protocol?
I like BBB’s 8iu’s E3D but looking for some feedback on the best way to do this

I usually train Mon - legs, Tues - chest/tri, Wed - off, Thurs -back/bi, Fri - shoulders
E3D hGH doesnt seem to fit into this schedule?

Will it be bad to go 6iu Mon. 6iu Tues, 8iu Fri ? Split AM, PreWO, PostWO

So everything looks good and correct? Or this is a stupid post? no replies?