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Transition to Free Weights from Cybex

I started working out, again, last year, at age 66. I’ve been using Cybex machines mostly and made some good gains.

I’m now trying to transition to free weights and plate loaded machines. I find that with the free weights and plate loaded machines I can lift less, in some cases significantly less, than the Cybex machines.

Is this normal and to be expected?

Definitely. So much more balance and stabilization involved in free weights which requires a different level of strength

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Perfectly normal. Machines do a lot of stabilizing for you, which really lets you push/pull harder than if you have to do all the wiggle control yourself.

The good news is that as the motor pattern gets more efficient, the poundages should go up rapidly for the first bit.

Thanks! I suspected that.

Also, I damn near fell over once; I guess that will take care of itslf, too.

I have ask… how did you almost fall over?

Reaching for an EZ-curl bar that was a bit heavier than I anticipated. Problem is not with the weights, but with residual pain and balance problems from spinal fusion surgery a few years ago.

Advice to the younger ones: don’t grow old :wink:

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