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Transition Time Between Diets/Cycles?

I’ve got several years, diets, and cycles under my belt so I’m not a newbie when it comes to this, however, Im thinking of trying something different and would like some input from those who have done this…

I’m a bit ahead of schedule this year when it goes to my cutting time, I have about 2 months left before I need to start my diet. I’ve been off for about 3 months, but this year I was hoping to get just a bit bigger than I am currently.

Would it mess up my dieting process in any way if I did a short cycle for 6-8 weeks for some extra weight gain then immediately turn around and start the dieting process with a completely new cycle, diet, etc? I’ve always done the “time on = time off” routine so this would be my first time ever going from one cycle straight into another. Gear is also not an issue, I have plenty on hand.

My current stats: 6’3, 255-260lbs (fluctuate), and around 10-12% bf.

This year my goal was to hit 275lbs and then start dieting down, but due to an illness that did not happen.

Thanks for any input guys. It’s much appreciated.

Nobody? Surely someone has some insight on this topic???

Well, in terms of holding onto the lean mass gained in those 6-8 weeks, many people advocate a waiting period to solidify the gains so that your body gets used to the weight and doesn’t drop it when you go into cutting mode. It would also depend on how severe your cut is. Can’t help much with the two cycles in a row thing, though.

How long has your longest cycle been? From personal/recent experience I can tell you I had a lot tougher time recovering from a longer cycle like the one I think you are suggesting. Like yourself I was always a time on=time off guy, actually to be one hundred percent accurate I was always 8 weeks on then 6 months off.

Last year I “tinkered” with my usual protocol and did three subsequent cycles, albeit different elements for each one, back to back to back in 8 week intervals for a total of 24 weeks on. I met my goals and the gains were tremendous and what I was looking for but the PCT and recovery have been slow to say the least. I’ve held on to a lot of those gains but I have never been this wiped post cycle and I will be off three months this week with a fully completed PCT protocol. I probably will never do a cycle of that length again and will definitly not be cycling until not only my bloodwork comes back 100% recovered but that my body itself feels recovered, my energy levels are still so shot that its frustrating especially for a high energy guy like myself.

Just something to consider with what your proposing, by no means take this as a detterent, as I said I did reach my goals and despite how I feel I’ve held on to most of those gains so it wasn’t a loss, I just don’t like the time in which I’m recovering. My advice to someone now that I have done a longer cycle would be not to do it, but you may have a completely different experience. Good luck