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Transition IF --> 3 Meals/Day

A few years ago I was very meticulous about eating 6-8 meals per day and counting calories. I hated it.

Then I heard about IF and did that for about two years. BUT i began feeling like it was building unhealthy eating habits, I began feeling like I was just binging-eating-binging-repeat. Not only does this feel like an unhealthy way to go about eating but it draws sort of weird attention to me when I eat with friends, especially women.

Now I want to transition to eating 3 normal sized meals per day, BUT i am having an insane amount of trouble doing that because at each meal my body becomes insatiably hungry and makes me feel like I need to eat thousands of calories in anticipation of a fast. Then I end up feeling like I should fast to restore equilibrium and try again the next day, but it has not been getting me anywhere.

I know this is probably not a common problem because currently everyone is trying to do the opposite and begin IF, but any input would be appreciated.


I had the same problem with IF. I just let nature take it’s course and allowed overeating for the first week. After that I quickly returned to baseline. Do not keep fasting in an attempt to restore to equilibrium, that will make the transition harder. You could try eating your first meal right before you have to go somewhere or do something, so you make it hard to over eat.

I used IF earlier in the year to clean up some unnecessary weight gain, and was planning on continuing to use it to grow, but I ended up deciding that if I was truly honest with myself, IF appeals to me because it is easy, fun, and convenient, not because i feel it is optimal.

However, I do still enjoy being able to eat a large last meal of the day, so I’ll typically eat a decent sized breakfast, then whey/poptart pre and post workout in the afternoon, gatorade/bcca’s intra, then a decent dinner around 6. I save over 50% of my carbs and fats and an adequate amount of protein for a big last meal of the day, that often affords me the room in my macros for some treats like popcorn or ff frozen yogurt.

So I guess what I’d suggest is that you could possibly try easing into it by consuming a normal breakfast, then periworkout nutrition depending on what time of day you lift, and still be able to have a “feast” at night. As you get used to eating several times during the day, you may find that you want to add a “lunch” feeding, but you may very well find that you like the new approach, as I have

just eat every 2-5 hours. Don’t make it hard.

I like to eat a light breakfast like some hardboiled eggs and a piece or a shake, a pretty big salad with a protein for lunch, then have a huge dinner PWO. I agree with you though, IF does facilitated binging for me as well.

Vegetables and fruits…

Add 3/4 lb - 1lb of green veggies to at least two meals a day and still include some other lower calorie but not zero calorie vegetables with them (I really like carrots). If you’re hungry throughout the day eat some fruits with whatever your protein is.

This seems counter-intuitive a bit because you’re in a way binge eating…to fix binge eating. But stick with it for a week and I’m sure you’ll see your appetite become more balanced and healthy.