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Transition from Keto to Peri-Workout Carbs

I’ve been on a ketogenic diet for fatloss for around 5 weeks now. I’m going to continue this for another 2-3 weeks before I transition to something a little different. I handle carbs very poorly, and I think that keeping my carbs around the workout would be the best way from me to stay lean yet start to gain some muscle.

Any opinions on this? Should I start off with a said amount of carbs before and after the workout, build up weekly, etc? And what should my diet look like for the rest of the day?

I am also very carb sensitive and I operate best with a minimal amount, but this is not always easy to do when hitting the gym and trying to make gains. I have been on the Anabolic Diet for 7 weeks now and couldn’t be much happier. I have constant high energy levels, great sleep, am losing fat and getting stronger (using 5/3/1).

Also, I have never found a way of eating that is easier to stick with and prepare for. It is definitely not for everyone, but I feel that it is worth a serious look at if you find it tough to deal with normal carb intake.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll do some more research on the anabolic diet.

Anyone have any input on the pre-workout carbs though? Would steadily adding them back in until I’ve reached CT’s protocol be detrimental in terms of fat gain? Should I reinstate them after some sort of carb up?