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Transition from Diet to Bulking

Hey guys, coming off of 6 weeks of dieting at 2000-2200cals/day, and want to start bulking at 4400cals/day from JMB’s massive dieting recommendations. How long do you all take between dieting and bulking to reset the metabolism to avoid rebounding with a huge amount of bodyfat? I have read from Dan Duchaine’s old work that within 5 days of eating maintenance calories your liver’s ATP stores are replenished, and therefore your thyroid levels are restored by then. Are there some other factors I am missing though? This also confuses me because my usual bulking calories is about 800 calories less than my massive eating calories. I just don’t want to go through the frustrating yo-yo dieting anymore and I want to put on as little fat as possible in this bulking cycle, so I won’t lose as much muscle when dieting next time. So what do you guys do between dieting and bulking? Cheers!

Whatever you do don’t immediately jump up to 4200 calories per day or you’ll most likely put on a ton of fat. I’d recommend you increase cals by about 500…The first week this should be enough to give you a 3-5 lb increase. This extra weight will be water and glycogen that you’ve lost from your diet. After this initial weight increase eat enough to gain 1 lb per week. Borrowing a technique from the “pound o week diet” gain your 1 lb per week…if you hit the 1 lb increase before the week is up then try to hold your weight steady until the next week. By doing this you’ll be able to slowly bump your caloric levels up to massive eating standards. Also make sure you’re weighing yourself the same time everyday…preferably first thing in the morning.

If 3600 is your usual bulking calories, why would you go to 4400, assuming you get fat from 3600. Everbodies different with calories. I’m 6’4 235 with 8%bf and I’m dietting at 2600 and get fat when I go above 3800 to gain. It’s probably because I do nothing but lift; no cardio or sports. I would include flax oil in my diet. Will Brink says NOBODY gets fat when taking 1 tbsp per 75lb bodyweight. Of course that shouldn’t be taken literally but it shows his enthusiasm towards flax.