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Transition from Cutting to Bulking


I’ve been cutting weight for the last two months, a little cardio like once every week but mainly through diet; I’ve lost enough weight now and want to proceed to bulking and start lifting (SS)
My question is, how do I go about the transition from cutting to bulking? I’ve read numerous times before that doing it “cold turkey,” you put on a lot more fat than necessary at the beginning of your bulk
What’s the best way to prevent this from happening?

05’er asking this question and going on SS… ok…

keep intensity high, follow SS and add weight to the bar every session if possible, start off with a small increase in total cals, maybe +500 cals probably from adding peri-workout carbs back in depending on how much you’re taking in now, and ride that bump in calories for as long as it keeps making you stronger and heavier. if you hit a wall in strength gain and weight gain, I would definitely add more calories somewhere provided it isn’t an issue with lack of intensity, poor technique, poor programming, lack of recovery etc. if you hit a wall just with weight gain, I wouldn’t freak out as long as you keep putting weight on the bar.