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Transition from Bulking to Fat Loss

I’m currently in the 3rd week of a 4 week bulking phase where i’m taking in 3600 cals per day (‘get big’ style) after this i’d like to do a 4 week fat loss phase with a modified T-dawg diet on approx 2500 cal. Would it be a bad idea to jump straight from the high cal intake to the lower one or should i have a transition period on maintanance cals (3000)?.

Also what supps does everyone use to retain LMB when dieting? Obviously i’ll be using MD6 but what else can i use to good effect, I don’t really want to use any pro-hormone/steriod types but am considering using Methoxy-7. Anyone had any good experiences with this?


Go for it you shouldn’t have any problems with the change. If you are going to burn fat I suggest you go down to 12xBW. Do forgot you leptin refeeds, that is imperative to success on any cutting diet. Formerly these Body Opus style diet gurus said you can eat whatever you want on weekends.

The keenest researcher are now saying depending on your personal setpoint you need to double calories primarily from carbs but most importantly low in fat, once per week.

Since the goal is to retain as much LBM as possible, jumping right down so quick is a bad idea. Here’s what to do: drop down to 3200 right away. Then after a week, drop 100-200 calories every 3 days until you’re at a point where losing you’re weight, but NONE of it is muscle. The logic behind 3 days is this: 3 days will give you enough time to see if the calorie deficit in your body is causing muscle loss. You might lose a couple pounds right off, but after that you shouldn’t be losing more than 2# per week, or I guarantee some of it will be muscle. If you use a product like Androsol, you would be able to make the transition quicker, and drop calories lower while maintaining LBM. I wouldn’t use Methoxy, but others seem to have had great success with it.

I seem to have two quite different replies here. Anyone else got a take on this? I’m currently thinking i might just go straight on the T-Dawg style diet but only drop 250 cals (350 above maintanence) for the first week and then down to maintanence cals the next week and reduce from there. Also i thought about increasing my protein intake to about 1.5g/lb from 1g/lb and allowing 100g Carbs per day (excluding pre/post workout shake) tapering out throughout the day i.e. a carby breakfast (40-50g) and less each following meal with the last two of the day containing zero carbs.

I’m going to do meltdown style training with this.
Anyone got any comments on this plan.

Try reading the last Q&A in this Appetite for Construction column by JMB. It should give you some decent ideas.

My bad-I misread your post. I gave you a link for transitioning from ketogenic diets to higher carb ones. Still, I think you should maintain for a week, then gradually reduce calories (200 every 3 days or so).