Transition from Bulk to Cut Cycles

Hi All,

More of a question for the seasoned users.
What approach do you use when going from an off season bulk cycle, to a cutting cycle?

I always make great gains while running Test and Deca. However, I tend to lose a fair bit of size while on PCT. Diet and training is always consistent, but I’m naturally a slim build so maintaining size without the extra “help” is difficult.

Although I have run plenty of different cycles over the past 10 years, I have always taken a reserved approach and taken a decent break between each one.

My question to the veterans, do you often run longer cycles then change the compounds mid way? Surely competitive bodybuilders don’t come off their cycles before starting prep. Then again, health is probably secondary for them. Is there a common approach?

I stay on all the time. I run low dose test when not running higher doses.

I think you’ll always lose some size especially if you come off of test/deca combo.

I believe the longer you run a cycle the more difficult it might be to turn your natural test back on. So you may be at a cross road my friend if you want to maintain that size. Staying on a low TRT dose and then blasting once a year might be better for you if trying to maintain size.

I’ve never cycled on and off but train with a couple of guys who do and every time they go off they lose 20lbs or more worth of body weight and their appearance is diminished for sure.

Cheers, appreciate the input! I’m reaching my mid 30’s so it may be time for TRT soon enough. Seems like never coming of is the secret.

Blast and cruise all the way tbh.


Trt will minimise loss of muscle mass when coming off. However the “look” one gets on numerous compounds facilitated by excess water/glycogen retention, manipulation of preexisting water retention, androgen induced lipolysis etc WILL decrease, thus the fake natty look, even when dropping to trt will decrease.

Any amount of muscle mass accrued, so be that said lean mass is below that of you’re genetic limit should theoretically be kept so long as diet and training is on par.

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Appreciate the input man. Cruising between cycles seems to be the way to go. I’m approaching my mid-30s so it may be time to consider TRT with a few blast each year.