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Transition from Blast to TRT

Whats the best way to come off a blast to normal TRT dose? Should this be done gradually or just lower the dose on the next shot?

Just go from blast dose to trt dose. It takes a few weeks for the accumulated half-lives to unwind anyway, so it’s kind of a natural taper process anyway.

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My TRT dose is 100mg/wk(TT 750) My script is for 150 but fuck that it is too much. My blasts are 400mg/wk (TT 2000) when I stop my blast i wait 8-10 days so the halflife of my T cyp blast has dropped to about one half and then I start my injections of 50mg M/T. This method has served me well for the last 3 years. You will have to see what works best for you. We all respond differently. Maybe my technique will work for you don’t have something that is working now.
Oh one last tip I don’t take and AI when blasting but I do when crusing.
I prefer a E2 in the mid 20’s most of the year.


How do you know if its too much? My TRT is 200 mg weekly. Im currently on 500 mg a week. Even on 500 Im having very little negative side effects. I have some proviron Im going to experiment with during this blast and it has some AI properties with it but I also have Aromasin and Nolva on hand just in case…If I can do 200 mg a week without side effects is there any long term issues I could face with this. I go to a really cool Doc that I know in my personal life, I can tell him pretty much whatever I want and he will give it to me as long as its within his legal limits and its a medicine he prescribes, I was trying to get Anavar but he said that isnt something he uses in his practice.

At 500 mg Im at 3212 on my testosterone and my BP is 120/80, the rest of my numbers are decent, my liver is great, cholesterol is on the high side of normal.

If you HCt is out of control requiring frequest blood donation your T dose is too much.
If your E2/prolactin is over range requiring a lot of AI to keep them in check and gyno away your T dose is too much.
TRT is for the rest of your life. So do some experimenting. Find the lowest T lvl you can live with where you don’t need an AI and you don’t need to donate blood. Then plan blasts twice a year where you think nothing but diet and the gym. I promise if you can get it right it is amazing.
When crusing at 80 to 100/wk I lose no gains and every blast is better than the last.


How is your HCT? Do you have to give blood?

hi- are you saying that when you are done blasting and return to your normal trt dose, you loose none of gains you made? I ask because I just finished my 1st blast last week and this past sun was a return to my normal trt dose. (p.s.- The blast was a huge success. Looking back, I prob could have done even better but hey it was my 1st and I learned a lot.) Anyway all I can think about now is when am I going to start going backwards. (FYI my trt is 200/wk and I blasted 400/wk plus 200/wk deca for 14 weeks.)

I have not lost anything in 5 blasts I started with 350 then 380 then 400 and another 400 which I just finished last week. When I stop my blast I go back on my AI to keep my E2 in the mid 20s then all I lose is water weight and my abs pop back out. When I blast my E2 has gotten as high as 125 so I do hold a bit of water and forget fucking none of that works with E2 thru the roof.

Do you really think you need 200mg/wk You want your Free T to be at the top of the range without going over on peak day. Anything else when you are doing your normal TRT lvl is just wasted and can cause pretty bad side effects.
Since the game is for life and you are pretty young you should experiment and see what your blood looks like at 120mg/wk for 5 weeks. It is important to do bloods often to get the best from your TRT and blasts.

hey thanks for the feed back man. Much appreciated!

Have you considered keeping your AI dose during blast the same as during TRT? You would still achieve high E2 to go with high T, but probably stay from 125 E2 level.

Basically, you would be purposefully under dose your AI. Do you think gains would be less?

that’s actually what I did.

I am old as dirt(66) and worry about my joints when blasting. I believe the higher E2 helps protect my joints from damage when I increase my weight and reps at the gym. At my age I have to be very careful. Injuries can take forever to heal even though I take a peptide to keep my natural GH high. You can lose a years worth of gains nursing a shoulder injury since you need your shoulders for just about any upper body exersize.

I do enjoy experimenting I might try keeping my E2 in check on my next blast to see how it goes.
Keeping my abs and being able to pleasure my wife while blasting and kicking ass at the gym would be really nice.

That makes sense. I think you just are getting protection from the bloat. I powerlift, so I have used things like creatine, salt and water to bloat up before lifting heavy. I am on TRT, but have not blasted yet (will probably in about a year), but I drop AIs if I am not cutting weight to bloat more for a competition.

I am thinking when I blast, I am going to go with your approach. Moderate (400-500 mg) test only blasts.