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Transguys First Cycle Log

This thread is for any other FTM transguys out there considering a cycle.

I am a transgender male. 30 years old. Hormone replacement therapy for 4 years now (100mg Test C weekly). Former college athlete, but quit training almost a decade ago. Consistent lifting again for 1 year. I’m 6’3, 200lbs, and 15% bodyfat. I have made the choice to do a test cycle before reaching my natural peak because of my age and desire to speed up my gains. I have no need to preserve my fertility and have done enough research that I feel confident in my choice. I did pre-cycle labs (Levels: Test 710 & Estradiol 31) and plan to do them again at 6 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks. My goal is to bulk to at least 225lbs on this cycle followed by a cut down to 190.

My cycle:
Week 1-2:
100mg Test C E3D
Week 2-14:
250mg Test E E3D
1mg Arimadex M/F
Week 15-16:
100mg Test C E3D

Then I will return to my 100mg/week Test C dose.

I will update here with my weight and PRs every two weeks.

You dont need to taper up, the first two weeks you can just go into the 600mg a week your looking to do. Also there no point in in mixing Test E and C, you can juste skip your regular wednesday show of 100mg C and do 300mg test e twice a week. 1mg of arimidex 3 times a week is ALOT, is it something you take regularly? if not dont just start with that high an amount even though you might be scared of high E2. My gf is trans shes scared she gets my test through fluids haha

That’s hilarious haha. Thank you for the feedback. I already did the first two weeks and am on week 3 now. The Test E is 250mg/ml and my syringes are 1ml so it’s easiest to have that be my max dose for any day right now. I could also switch to 250 E3D which would be around 590mg/week I think. That way I’d have my whole prescription of Test C to use until my levels even out. Just need to get a couple more vials of Test from my dude and I’ll be good. I am estrogen prone as a transguy with all my original internal organs. I was just getting the feeling my estrogen was getting high so I upped my AI this week.

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Estrogen is not just estrogen, it depends upon where it is in the body to bind to receptors.
Butch lesbos have increased aromatization of androgens (according to studies) whereas gay guys lack aromatization. So in fact aromatization contributes to masculinity.

You don’t need to worry about the aromatization if you don’t have breasts (assuming you had surgery) and your ovaries are not producing estrogen.

I fuck with my gf and tell her I am going to piss in the pool. She freaks out thinking she is going to get my Test from the water. My pool is close to 30k gallons. I am only on 200mg a week. lol

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Are you still getting regular blood tests? that will be the best way to know but its always best not to crash your E with overuse.
Either way you dose it should be ok, whether you ger 590 or 600 650 or 500 wont make a difference really in the end.