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Transgender (Female to Male) Cycle Advice


Hello everyone,

I have posted before and gotten pretty good responses. I have also since noticed that there isn’t much out there for trans guys who are looking to get into bodybuilding and going on gear. This is why I have decided to post this here, so the replies can be public and others may read (as well as getting some help with my own potential cycle).

If you have an issue, are offended by or harbour any negative feelings toward trans people, then… why did you click into the post? No need for you to place an input as I assume it won’t be very helpful.

(((For those of you who are confused, I was born a female and started taking male hormones when I turned 21. This has made me appear as a natural man, voice, hair, muscle, all that fun stuff. I take 1cc (100mg per ml/cc ) of Test C once a week to keep my test levels that of a natural males.))))

This would be my first real cycle aside from running 12 weeks of 2cc test C every week. My trainer has suggested I go on an IM called Sustanon, stacked with an oral called Turinabol… this would of course be on top of my base dose of test.

Any thoughts on this combo would be appreciated and if you have any other suggestions in terms of different substances or anything else please let me know!!!

Stats are: 5ft 10inch tall, 175#, 8% bf. 23 yo and have been lifting pretty seriously for 4 years or so ( 1 of those years with male test levels )

Also, there is no need to worry about things like preserving my bodies ability to produce testosterone as I will be supplementing this for life.

I really just want to hear as many opinions as possible before starting. I assume the majority of you have better experience than I. Thank you!

ps. Ill answer just about any question that you have as long as its not presented in a hateful way. If you need a better understanding, well, I get that. ( sorry for such a long post )


Do you still have the estrogen levels of a female or have they changed to the estrogen levels of a male because of your transition? I’m not sure how that part works switching genders, if they have you on boatloads of A.I.'s etc. But assuming you now have the estrogen levels of a male, then you can run any steroid any other male can and I’d treat it the same way. I guess I’m not really sure what your question is tho?


As it was explained to me, my estrogen levels dropped on there own with the introduction of test. Thats answers the most of it! Thanks


Just do the same as male bodybuiders, no worries about sex disfunction.prostate enlargement. This is new so doctor opinions will vary it will soon be a specific field like , urology etc. Just depends how jack you want to be, get with some female bodybuilders and ask about arimedix etc. As far as water retention. I have a question excuse my ignorance, so if you look to much like a man, a buffed man at that will gay women still be attracted, i know the whole butch look flannel shirt ball caps etc, or are you just going to rock it tank top tattoos etc.


It would be best if you knew exactly what your estrogen levels are. What they sometimes call “normal” causes men problems. A "normal high level can make your testosterone not do its job very well. That being an issue for natural men I can only assume you would be very prone to that issue.

It is all new with you but I would guess you would try to stay as close to typical male periodicals as you can. Normal range is from estradiol levels between 21.80 and about 50. Anything much over 25 is not great and the 40’s are just bad, but supposedly still normal. Beware of the words within the normal range


I hope i didn’t come off wrong in yesterday’s post, i know problem with lgtg people at all. My sisters friend is lesbian and her partner is after being in relationship for a while did what you did ftm. Anyway if are going to be likelong user stick with test, and something safe long term like deca. I wont go out and do some crazy cycle that comprise your health.


Verne- Good to know! Ill keep those numbers and request a blood test to check the estro levels out. Maybe an estrogen blocker might have to be added

Strongmanjoe- not at all! I don’t get lesbians or straight men coming on to me as they typically don’t know that Im trans. Though, the women I had been with BEFORE my transition, when I still appeared more female, dont seem to fancy me anymore. I have yet to meet someone who knew that i was ftm without me mentioning it.

I think i will start with sustanon 250 and maybe run an oral cycle as well.

Another question I had that you might have a thought on is; Since I was born female, even if I have a high, male level of testosterone, does that mean that my genetic potential is that of a woman. Im asking because I have read that guys lose the muscle attained on gear that was above their natural ability. Im worried that this will determine my ability to get huge without having to be always using or using more frequently than regular men


IN for free into, I assume your cycles would be just like every other dudes but maybe with a little extra caution for estro side effects?

With that being said the advice I give to every body is test only first cycle less is more and in your case keep AIs and nolva on hand and get levels checked a couple times the first few months.

Also seeing how you are going to be supplementing test the rest of your life anyways you minds well start low then you can slowly increase your dose until you are happy with what you have.

Do you have to worry about shrinkage? If not, I mean, problem solved!!! :smiley:



I think I got this one, natural limits are mainly limited by hormone levels. Women don’t have the testosterone needed to get “bulky” or “shredded”. Truthfully most males dont either. Your current stats are actually above what I would consider naturally maintainable (the BF%, size at 11%+ though yes).

DId the doctors give you something extra for a deeper voice? Or was it just the test? My voice annoys me LOL


If you are cycling, there is no reason to take your normal weekly injections on top of what you are cycling on - unless the weekly TRT injections are through a doc, and you have to keep getting them to ‘keep up appearances’. Regardless of that, I would take a spin through the TRT forum if you haven’t already - there is some good info in there which might be of use to you when you are off cycle. *Funny thought: the word ‘cycle’ has taken on a whole new meaning for you, hasn’t it? :wink:

This is a new area, so it’s really hard to say, but here are my thoughts:

If you look at ‘recommended’ steroid levels for women who cycle, they are considerably lower than those for a man. Since, biologically speaking, you are still female (no offense) I would think you can still see very good results using lower amounts than a genetic male would need. Granted, a lot of that is due to the average woman wanting to avoid the masculinizing effects, but obviously that isn’t a concern for you (and might even be welcomed, amiright?).

I’m also curious how much use you would have for an AI - I haven’t been able to find much about women using them in their cycles, and considering they are used by men to avoid conversion from test:estrogen, is that really a concern for a genetic female? The body chemistry is different (as far as I know, I’m no endocrinologist), and it’s not exactly easy to find info regarding this issue.

Good luck to you, and I for one would be interested to see updates on your progress, both in this cycle and in the future.


Thats great to here! Body fat is taken at a few sites with a caliper, so not exactly the most reliable way to determine true BF %. The average is typically around 8-9%.

Haha, no I didnt get anything for my voice, juuuus the test


Haha, yeah, since my life is one giant cycle.

Ill take a look at those articles. I was worried that because of the ‘genetically female’ thing, that my body would convert my test into estro even if its at a level much lower than that tolerated by a genetic male. Im not sure if the amount of test tolerable would be different between us. I would hate to get Gyno and have to go back for another surgery.

Thank you for you help, I will post some pictures of recently and update

**** Actually, Im not sure how to load photos on this site. haha


Thank you for sharing, I am FTM as well. 27 years old, 5’6" 146 lbs @ im guessing around 12-15% bf. I have been on HRT for 9 years now, current dose is 167.5 mg Tcyp once/wk. I am a competitive powerlifter who was been training seriously for the sport now for 6 months. Before that I lifted off and on since I was a teenager. I have to compete in the APF instead of the drug free AAPF because my test will come back dirty from the cyp even though it is only enough to put me on par with the average cis male.

The rub is because of that, I compete with many guys who run gear and want to step my game up. I have found jack sh*t that has anything to do with cycling as a transman, so I have decided to take on a simple cycle of test cyp and dbol. Going to double my weekly cyp for 12 weeks and run 30mg dbol daily for six. I have nolva on hand but am not too worried as I have been on test for a long time now and my body handled the transition very well. I should be starting the cycle in a week or two and will gladly update/make my own thread for you to follow if you like. I want to keep things simple, and I have been doing the ‘test only’ for so long now I’m going to only add one to stack so I can keep track of potential side effects and easily identify any issues instead of guessing which is doing what with a stack of three or four, and I suggest you try the same.


Use the money on a good psychiatrist who doesn’t have a liberal agenda. I see a ton of transgender people crying like monkies later on in life when they switch sides or they messed up so much due to altering what is natural…women much worse.


I tried doubling my test (1cc twice a week) for 10 weeks with some anti-andro and it worked really great. I have since tried Sustanon 250 but got a bad reaction from it so haven’t tried any non medical stuff since. I work in an old school type bodybuilding gym and so far the advice ive gathered from the builders here say to pretty much run your cycles the same as a cisgendered man but to keep an eye on estrogen.

Youre just about the first ftm ive heard of using! Exciting lol


@iamseekingadvice LOL! Thank you for that very learned advice.


You’re the first I’ve seen, there’s not much out there for good resources. I plan on Journaling everything possible to help others out there get an idea of what does/doesn’t work, I don’t want anyone to hurt themselves.
Is your dose @ 1cc 200 or 250 mg?


100mg!! So I was doing 200mg total a week. Now (and normally) my dose it 1cc (100mg) weekly.


I can see from your pic that just doubling your T for a while got you some great results. Seeing that makes me consider keeping my T to 200-250 weekly and 30 mg dbol daily and see where that gets me. Could potentially save a lot of money keeping the T lower.


I got about 12 pounds of good muscle that has stuck around until now, I ran the cycle almost a year ago. Ive decided to do it once a year as long as Im under 10% BF (kind of like a reward for staying lean lol)

Is there a way to send personal messages into an inbox on this site?


I don’t know about sending PMs, I’m new to this site as of a few of days ago.
I am hoping bc my regular injection is reasonably high, 160 mg/week, I should be able to keep most/all of my gains for a while as long as training and diet are up to par?
If there is a silver lining in this anywhere I think it lies in not having to take a huge dose of test bc we don’t have to be worried about disrupting natural T production, and not having to bother with PCT for the same reason.