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Transgender Athletes

Dunno which category this thread should go in exactly so put it in off topic.

So I was curious as to what we think about transgender athletes. There’s been a couple in he news recently and probably more to follow. I think rules and stuff have already been put into places by sports governing bodies but I was thinking a discussion here would be interesting

Are the rules/regulations already in the right place or should they be changed and to what?

Where is the line drawn when it comes to transgender rights and fair sport?

I see two scenarios.

Where a transgender athlete has gone through treatment before they reach puberty and where an athlete has reached puberty before having treatment.

The first scenario - no problemo.
The second - I would be very pissed if I was a female born (if that’s the term) athelete.

Now muscle sampling, hormone measures can say whatever the fuck they want. What we see in practice is some very, very average male lifters are going through treatment, coming out the other end and destroying champion female athletes.

If this becomes common place and there is no intervention (say by creating a transgender division), it will destroy women’s sports.

I view it the same as drugs.

You wanna roid up and do your thing? That’s fine.

You wanna roid up and try to compete in professional tested sports? Not fine by me.


A transgender division should be set in place already.

But Then there would be the argument of someone who was a former male or a forman woman. Perhaps a subcategory for each?

I feel bad for the wrestler because he wanted to compete against boys but was denied by the state. I think any girl should be able to compete against the boys if she chooses to. The reverse is not true, which is why the weightlifter is delusional.


I was at the wrestling match. The cheers drowned out the boos very quickly. The boos were mostly from the parents of the losing school. I agree that she/he should have been allowed to wrestle as a boy. I also think that maybe you don’t always get to do what you want. If you choose to transition in high school, maybe you give up wrestling.