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Transgender and Testosterone

This might be a dumb question, but what’s up with transgenders being abe to get legal steroids so easily? Is it because when a woman walks into a doctors office saying she identifies as a man, he then can go “okay yeah sir your t levels are way too low for a man. Let me give you a prescription to help”

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at least you know you’re dumb. that’s a good start.

I hope this thread gets zero traction.

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I never said I was dumb. Seems like my post triggered you, and I guess it must of hit home for you too. In all honesty I have nothing against you and your choices in what you want to identify as. I’m just curious about the laws/rules for how you guys are able to get prescriptions.

Searching around on the Web I found this answer:
“Because trans people have a medical reason and just wanting it for swole gains isn’t really a great reason.”

you think I’m transgender? cool.

I’ll give you a more complete answer, and then I’ll be done with this thread. No, that’s not how medical practices operate. No females are getting steroids from their doctors, at least in the US (If we’re not talking about the US it might be different) without having a psychologist/psychiatrist referral, a thorough evaluation for treatment of a gender dysphoric condition, etc. If a patient has seen specialists who, after thorough evaluation, deem that gender transitioning is the appropriate measure to take for that patient’s psychological or physiological condition, that patient may then begin hormone therapy to be monitored/directed by a physician, likely an endocrinologist.

Essentially, this boils down to the fact that your assertion of ‘transgenders being able to get legal steroids easily’ is demonstrably false. I hope this helps you understand the process better. You clearly did not understand it when you asked your initial question.


This is a way better response, and thanks for sharing! You’re right I do not understand it, that’s why I asked. I assumed females were getting it in the US. So it’s completey illegal in US? And if any of this is offending you let me know! I’ll try to reword it. Not looking to offend it’s an interesting subject

What’s up with diabetics being able to get legal insulin so easily?


I think the better question is how can I work the system better so I can get steroids legally, and is the transgender approach workable? The answer is probably not, but hey, it’s worth a try. If you already have a penis though it might be more difficult.

I read the question as akin to, how do you get legal weed just by being nervous?

Maybe there are doctors out there willing to look the other way?

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The whole reason for my post! You get me.

I’m friggn’ clairvoyant!

I got it. Get a girl to go in and say she identifies as a man to get the prescription. Probably would work best in areas like San Francisco.

I can only imagine the low t levels of someone who is making this type of thread.

Oh wait we know Raj has those low levels. Nice one Raj.


Oh no. @liftbear rolls in and posts 3 troll threads a week after @therajraj gets banned. Coincidence?

Raj second gimmick account since his banning

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I don’t know who this Raj character is but I’ll read up :ok_hand:

Trinitey was the other gimmick account before liftbear. Had a couple posts couple topics got caught and then left.

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Post some links so I can see.

oh man. therajraj. didn’t know he was banned, otherwise I could have guessed this one.

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Is this an off limit subject? Have you guys had issues with it in the past? If so my bad. I’m just curious about exploring what types of reasons will doctors give t prescription

You should try the pharma or TRT subs in this forum. This is where the test injecting questions tend to belong. Best of luck in your future trolling!