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Transformers - Dark of the Moon


dark of the moon. best transformers film. is the serious now over since megatron has died? anyone heard of any new productions?


good way to kill a franchise, that movie sucked.


Wait...you didn't like poseable Barbie as the lead actress? Perhaps they should use a real woman next time.

Either way, I liked the first one. I really felt that got that one mostly right. They lost me after that. I did like Buzz being in this...and the overall plot wasn't bad at all. Spock did a great job as a decepticon.

I've just had enough of La Buff.


Both QFT.

I loved Transformers growing up, and the 1986 film was one of my favorite animated films for a long time.

Why'd they fuck it up? argh...


3rd one sucked.

no where near as good as the 1st


These movies are terrible.

Imagine the potential if Christopher Nolan directed them or something.


Honestly, I couldn't even tell what robot was ever fighting what robot through the entire series. It's been a real abortion of an adaptation.

Fucking Bruckheimer. Or Bay. Or Woo, can't remember which. They are all the same identity, kind of like clip = headhunter = ronaldo, etc etc.


You know what the Transformers series was good for my boys. They loved the movies.

But for me I could have done without seeing 2 and 3.


They lost me halfway thru the second one.

I remember feeling completely ready to walk out early, and I've literally never had that thought in a theater before or since. And I grew up in the golden age of those G1 Transformers.

Funny how that works. Or perhaps not at all...


i might give it a second shot when it comes out in blu-ray


I feel as though the first one was the best movie they made. It's one of those movies for me...along with movies like Independence day, Batman Begins, Batman, Batman Returns, Ghostbusters 1 and 2, and a couple others that I can watch over and over again and not be bored with it. This movie wasn't bad, I liked it better than the second one. however I did see it in 3d Imax which was totally useless and feel asthough it actually hurt my viewing experience. The girl was hot, I don't mind shia, the parents suck...it's all the same.


i thought it was great apart from the ending.. sentile should have died but not megatron, megatron should have just shot, killed and ran. but all the main deceptacons are dead now so who is the remaining villian? (i cant really remember the transformers cartoon series or movies , i was really young) There is speculation of a 4th movie, but nothing has been confirmed.


FUCK, spoiler.


Psssh. I liked all 3...Thought the 3rd was the best. Though, I was born in 87 and have never watched the original series. That being said, I can understand those who hold true to the original could dislike the current movies.

...Though, i completely agree with the above poster who mentioned how cool it would have been with Nolan at the helm...That. Would. Rule.


If y'all could replace him with someone else, who would it be?


Is it odd that I can think of a ton of ways to interpret the implications of this? Is our hypothetical recasting of the role going to effect the direction of the movie(extreme example only to make a point: Arnold makes it a balls out 80s action flick)? Are we only replacing the same role, same lines, etc, with our new actor who will perform them with their characteristic differences? Are we recasting them when the 1st movie started filming or as they are now(totally effects how we view a few actors, think if it like 'erasing' their typecast but knowing they're talented actors)? Are we even recasting them for the old movies, or a hypothetical 4th film(which makes this a ton easier).

Totally geeked out thinking of the different angles you could take it.


Rumours keep popping up of Shia LaBouedGfkehowdouyouspellituf passing the constantly-run-around-yelling-nononononononono-while-always-nearly-getting-raped-by-megatron-torch to none other than his fellow equal geek Jason Statham.


Labuff's issue was that of a lame actor combined with shitty writing/plot. The movies focused too much on him and not enough on Optimus.

I remember in one of the films hes like "I just want to be a regular college kid!" or some shit like that, when Optimus asked for his help.

I would've dropped my fucking books and hopped in the damn truck.

IMO he was NOT a good representation of the Transformers "kids" growing up who are now in our 20's.

Fucking pencil necked non-man.


they should have replaced him with arnold or the guy who is doing conan


"Spoiler alert: Stories are not spoiled by 'spoilers'"


Well its Hollywood, I am sure they want Tom Cruise or Seth Rogan