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Transformers 3



Just saw it...won't be the only one in here, so I'll wait a day or two.

And by the way, Rosie Whitley is far hotter than Megan Fox.


Agreed. Looking forward to seeing this tomorrow.


I'm going to watch it in around two hours. Should I watch the first one first? I got time if I skip the lame parts (Megan Fox and Lechuck).

I watched the cartoon so I know who are Optimus Prime and Megazor.


I hated the mess that the second one was...even 6 year-old students of mine said there were too many robots fighting in it. You know it must be bad when Asian boys say your movie had too many robots fighting!

I read a few reviews on aintitcoool.com that are very positive for this new movie. I'll go this weekend.


Saw it last night and I must say I really wish Bay had put Snake Eyes in the film..... oh wait this was a Transformers movie but there weren't enough of them, for the third time we get Labouf and the army soldiers showing off the latest army tech and the Transformers are almost an afterthought. Maybe Bay should do GI Joe and let the next Transformers movie be done by someone who wants to have giant robots in them.

The highlights, Buzz motherfucking Aldrin as himself, Leonard Nimoy saying his classic line from Khan, more Soundwave, Megatron was still injured from the second film and had these maggot things on his head and it looked cool, all the military toys are badass, the lowlights the first transformers we see are the doctor and wheelie from the second movie, that clown from Hangover(does he need to be in everything?), and just ot enough robot character development I paid to see Transformers I want to see Transformers


I know I haven't seen the movie yet....but with how the first two went, I have a feeling there must be more than enough robots in this movie.
What's your definition of "not enough Transformers"?


No character development the robots are just there, then Bay has a throw away line like "hello Wheeljack" and you go oh that's supposed to be Wheeljack then cut away to Labouf and he's solving mysteries reading ancient cybertronian etc, then another 20 minutes of aircraft carriers and military weapons, we get "these are the wreckers" and no character development for them just that they're "assholes".

I know the second movie just had a clusterfuck of robots being thrown at each other but if Bay had taken half the time explaining who's who and their personalities that he does with the drawn out shots of helicopters the movies would at least be semi watchable a second time.


My biggest dissapoint with Transformers 2 was car-car binks. Didn't they learn from Phantom Menace that using a device like that was a humongous fail?


We get the new twins in this one wheelie and some other clown called the doctor I think he was the one who examined Labouf when the Decepticons where looking in his head



Just back from watching it. I give it 6/10. It dragged on too long, I barely saw Transformers fighting (more humans than anything), the stupid love storyline, the histerical thing of seeing civilians controlling US military operations and people travelling to different cities in a moment, etc.

I'm not a fan of Michael Bay except for The Rock and The Island, so I can't say I expected anything different.


Im going to see it tomorrow, I actually liked the second one. I wish it was a whole movie of robot fighting and very little human stories etc. I dont think the majority of transformers fans are 16 year old girls on love with labuffff so why center a movie with so much potential around such a douche bag. All i want to see his decepticon/autobot character development and badass fights and things exploding and being annihilated.


SPOILERS (do we really need to say it?)

I fucking hated the movie. Hated.

1) The autobots were given too many "human" traits. The one-liners, the movements, the way they talked to each other. Maybe it's me, but I even noticed the "hair" they gave some of the autobots. It just ruined it for me.

2) The movie itself felt like a 2.5 hr TRAILER, as if focus was given to 3-5 minute scenes that just came right after each other, with less attention to the overall flow. It felt disjointed. The pacing of the movie was incredibly awkward.

3) What the fuck is up with the cheesy speech about freedom and shit from Optimus? I don't some fucking moral compass bullshit.

4) Optimus fought Megatron for what, 5 SECONDS? Really? Come on. And the battle with Sentinel Prime wasn't that epic, either.

5) The bots looking after the space shuttle. Scottish accents? Come on.

6) A human traitor? That was weak and gimmicky.

7) The scenes with Jeffrey Wang felt out of place. Like they were forcing it into the story line.

8) The ball busting CIA chick was stupid.

9) Pacing and story flow did NOT fit the movie length well.

10) I wanted the movie to be darker.

What I did like:

A) Rosie Whitley (don't like her when she says more than a few lines, though. dislike her voice). She knows how to use her sex in her body language and when she speaks; Megan Fox can't do that, she just stands there trying to look hot but ends up being useless.

B) Some good action, especially with the special ops guys gliding through the city.

Michael Bay SUCKS. Hope he never makes another film like this. Dare I say 3 was worse than 2. This was the Terminator 3 of the franchise.


I enjoyed it, thought it was the best one of the lot.

Maybe you guys saw a different movie?


Speaking of Rosie Huntington-Whitely, I'll just leave these here (NSFW):




Wow that bad? I had high expectations.



Now, I'm willing to suspend some disbelief to enjoy a movie, but this one just asked me to throw my sense of logic and continuity completely out the window. After setting it on fire first.

There were so many scenes and different events happening that made absolutely no sense, that at times it took me out of movie-watching mode and into WTF-is-going-on mode. Transformers 2 (as horrible as everyone else says that it was), I think, made more linear sense than Transformers 3.

That being said, if you can and are willing to put aside the fact that movies should make at least some sense, it was A REALLY COOL MOVIE!

It was bigger than the second movie. I saw it in IMAX 3D, which was pretty cool, but it was the first movie I've seen in 3D so I don't have anything to compare it to.

Specific things:
Rosie did an awesome awesome job. I didn't think she would make a good Megan Fox replacecment, but she killed it as Sams loving girlfriend. She played the part so sweetly and lovingly that it made it seem like we should all be able to get top-of-the-corporate-ladder lingerie-supermodel girlfriends. The very first shot of her was her panty-clad derriere, and there was a great pan-up shot of her in a tight white dress. She really did a great job.

Some things seemed rushed, like the intro and subsequent death of Deep Wang. And the Decepticon invasion of Chicago. It seemed very Skyline to have a bunch of alien robots show up and take over the city and want to abduct all the humans.

Where the hell did Simmons get all his money? Was it all from writing that book? And why did he randomly have Wash (from Firefly) as a bodyguard/butler?

How did Optimus, with his handy-dandy jetpack and super badass swords and other weapons, get caught up in some steel wires, to the point where he was taken completely out of the fight?

Megatron betraying Sentinel Prime because of one short conversation with Carly didnt seem plausible. And his one-liner to Optimus ("What would you be without me?") was WAY too cheesy.

Why/how the hell did Bumblebee and the other Autobots get taken prisoner? And why the hell was Bumblebee (of ALL the Autobots) going to let himself get executed when there was still a war going on?

The random Doom-style 1st-person-shooter point-of-view while the dude was shooting at the Decepticon during the war. At that point the thought crossed through my mind 'Wow, Michael Bay is really just trying to cram EVERY possibly cool cinematic trick into this movie, isn't he.'

That sure was a short 15-hour drive from wherever they were to Chicago.

And finally, the ending seemed rather abrupt. In the other two, there was always followup shots (1- Sam and Micaela on the hood of the car, 2- Sam and Optimus talking on the carrier). This time it just seemed to end. It was too abrupt for me. It would have been nice to see Optimus with his arm reattached.


Transformers 1 Rachael Taylor, hotter than both of those bitches. Personally I'm not paying cash to see it, I'll wait for it to come on hbo. All the explosions in the world isn't worth it for me hell I haven't even seen part 2 yet.


Right back at ya, tiger. Michael Bay is a piece of shit.


It was so fucking disjointed! WTF!

And WHY were some Decepticons acting like humans? One-liner jokes (e.g. "Mexican standoff") and other shit? That was lame.

I wanted to see more epic battles with Shockwave. He was easily the coolest Decepticon.

You are right about Carly. I think she can't "replace" Megan Fox by playing the same role as Megan, but Rosie played her part BETTER than Megan played hers. Rosie seemed more natural at it.

OH. You know what else pissed me the fuck off? The Autobot "Q" -- come on, as in Q from James Bond? Retarded. He even had a "bald" head and "hair" to make him look like Einstein. That's what I mean--too much effort to make Autobots appear human.


Damn... after reading this I might just wait to see it on DVD. I'll probably opt for Green Lantern or Super 8 instead. But setting the plot and all that shit aside did any of you see it in 3D? Is it worth watching just for the action and 3d?