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Transformers 2


It's just one more sleep(for me)...I can't wait I've avoided all ad's and previews for it like the plague, out of the first movie I already told my mates what I believe a 2nd and 3rd movie could be based on.

please with spoilers can you write spoiler at the top of the page, if I happen to read it before I see it cause you didn't write spoiler I will personally turn up at your front door step within in the next 12 months and we will have a 'discussion' on proper forum edicate


I think the whole SPOILERS alert just makes your eyes go right to it.


Hmmm, the reviews aren't too good so far....hopefully they didn't let Bay do too much of his 'lets blow things up and worry about a story later' thing, ahh well I'll more than likely still go see it


yeah, Rotten Tomatoes is tearing it apart (critic wise that is)


A lot of times if what you want to see is just a crazy action flick, bad reviews on RT is a good thing. Could just be my opinion =p


Yea sometimes we like shit blow up, and fictional processes like robots in disguise who transform into all sorts of shit.


fuck it as long as prime starscream bumble bee etc are in it its going to be good, I hope they set it up so the third movie is pretty much an action version of the animated movie


The first one was pretty good. I have a feeling this one will be about the same. I'm expecting a lot of action and Megan Fox looking hot.



People trashing the movie are missing the point. Explosions and Megan Fox.


I think they need less concerntration on the human characters this time around, in the cartoon the humans were never the main characters prime was and always should be the main character.



The actual Transformers are just a side-story.


Isn't that pretty much every Michael Bay movie ever made... ever? Including the first one?

Sorry, I grew up with Transformers, and that first movie was definitely a miserable piece of fuck.


And explosions ON Megan Fox.




like I told the other guy, you have bad taste. How could anyone not like the 1st one?


LOL. Some of you just have bad taste. There isn't much I would have changed about the first one other than possibly scaling back a little on the "comedy". I liked "La Buff's" parents in the movie but I felt that they had a tad too much screen time.


i enjoyed the first one. if they made the first movie following the original a lot of people would have been confused. they had to put and take shit out to draw people who have never seen or heard about the original cartoon. massive explosions and tits are usually a good combination.


The original cartoon was "Robots land on earth billions of years ago and sleep for thousands of years. After waking, a probe scans local machines (mostly cars) and then comes back and rebuilds the damaged robots so they can take on those forms". The time issue is a problem and even was in the cartoon....because after thousands of years, their own planet somehow was unaffected by time.

The original series was created ONLY so they could sell toys. They had no intentions of it even being a long running series, especially one that would lead to decades of fans and movies, so the logic of the series was off originally. As their fan base grew, they started cleaning up mistakes.


I've seen it, came out here last friday....

I really enjoyed it. Megan Fox=smokin hot..... Isable Lucas=even hotter!!!!!!!

Go see it.


Agree with prof x on the first one. The cheesy comedy is even worse the second time you see it. Like when the Autobots are sneaking around the outside of the house hiding from the parents. That was absolute torture the second time around when i rented it.

The only other thing i didn't like was the ending speech by Optimus Prime. Dialog wise.. it was consistant with the cartoon so it was authentic.... but it just didn't work on the big screen... and we aren't ten years old anymore. It was super gay.