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Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen


This here..can be the official Transformers 2 thread.....at least until the other 20 related threads pop up. I could have posted this in the Geek Stuff thread. But come on...this deserves its own space for pics,discussion,etc.

Anyways...here is the new trailer. And it puts speculation to rest about a particular someone's role in the sequel:


edit changed link to trailer


inb4 Shai labeouf haters(which is everybody) and honestly why all the hate on him? Not like he detracted the fun from the movie infact he actually made it funnier with his quirkiness but o well...

Btw trailer looks sick


Thanks, now I've got raging wood.


I just noticed the three jets at about 1:56....could this be the original seekers: Starscream,Skywarp,and Thundercracker?


I actually liked him in transformers. dunno why all the hating either.
and ya trailer was sick I am so excited now


The Sam Witwicky role suits him well- a regular kid thrown into an extraordinary situation and doing the best he can. It's the Mutt Williams role in the last Indiana Jones movie that people have a problem with, since he was portraying a capable hero. Too much of a stretch for him at this point.


I like him in Transformers. I still haven't seen Indiana Jones simply because...I'm scared. I don't want to ruin that childhood image of that character in my head.

Labeouf can act though....he just isn't one of the best and he doesn't have the "seasoning" to pull off many lead roles at this point without people rolling their eyes.

The movie Eagle Eye is proof of this. He was supposed to be playing some guy in his late 20's so that there would be some chemistry between him and the lead actress. Instead, it was like she was babysitting him the whole movie and he never filled that role out completely.


Awesome trailer.

I like how Hollywood seems to be going with the "Nostalgia for males aged 25-35" theme recently. Two Transformer movies, GI Joe...Thundercats would have potential if done right.


I can't wait for this one. Grew up with the toys, now I love the movies.

Labeouf is great in this role. He was also good in Constantine, he played a similar type of character, i.e. the regular kid in an extraordinary situation.


Looks amazing.


I want me some Soundwave in this one...


There is a rumor that he is going to be in it.


People are going to be a little butt hurt over Soundwave....I was at first..BUT..I really don't see how a big ass tape deck would fit into this.

1)He is a satellite(makes sense)

@)He will be voiced by Frank Welker(original Soundwave voice).


Who the fuck uses TAPES today? That would make as much sense as making him a record player. I think the change is a good one. He needs to be able to steal info from long range and in this day and age, that either makes him a satellite...or a blu tooth head set.


John Turturro voices Jetfire,a former Decepticon who transforms into a SR-71 Blackbird. His wounds and age have made him choose to become an Autobot. He can combine with Optimus, an idea previously seen in the Transformers: Armada series.


How about him being a big ass Plasma TV with his minions as high-def receiver,speakers,and PS3...ehhh??? j/k'n

There has to be a middle ground of appealing to the die-hard geeks...and adhering to the obvious level of technology we have today. Maybe they should throw something in that alludes or makes reference to a former life as a boombox...or something. That would be funny.


in the tralier who was the big ass rock crusher towards the end?


When is this coming out? I didn't catch it in the trailer.


That was Devastator.


I agree with all of this. I don't actually mind the kid at all, but I think they are trying too hard to push him into lead action roles and that's just not how people see him. I don't think people will ever really see him that way. He's just too short and slightly built to believe as a serious action guy. Even that poker scene at the beginning of Eagle Eye made me laugh a little, as he just seemed to be trying too hard to be a bad ass at the table.

He should stick to roles like Sam Witwicky and other roles where we plays more of an 'everyman' that's thrown into a situation.