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Transformer - Matt/Janae Kroc Documentary

Saw this pop up on amazon under new releases. Anyone see it yet? Planning on giving it a watch tomorrow night.

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I would

Looks like Janae wants to speak to the manager.

Seriously though, might look for this one. Looks interesting, especially to look at how the family reacts. Kid I knew had class with in high school walked in on his recently divorced mom with her girlfriend - this was also when he found out mom was a lesbian. He had a mental breakdown and was out of school for a couple weeks. Point being, can’t imagine being a teenage kid, your dad is at the top of the world in his sport, and now he’s going to live life as a woman. Even if you ‘kinda knew’ for a while, I think it would still be somewhat of a shock. (I say ‘kinda knew’ because I recall the article TN did about this a couple years ago, and various powerlifters and strongmen he had competed against and been friends with for years said essentially, ‘if you’ve known Matt for any length of time, you already knew about this’, so I would think the family had a clue as well)

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Appreciate you mentioning this. Had no idea this movie was out there. Watched it tonight with the Mrs. Felt it was well done.

His kids are amazing, and Kroc is still a fantastic parent to them. The bond between them all is really touching to watch.

It wasnt easy to watch. Despite your opinion or viewpoint on the whole transgender thing, it is clear that Kroc is a special person who has and continues to live with tremendous amounts of pain.

My wife was commenting on how interesting the dilemma was. To be someone that goes 100% in whatever direction you go, and to, in turn, be pulled 100% in 2 different directions. The part where the training partners talked was pretty illuminating. Really good to see that support network.

I think one of the sad parts to think about it is for those that are going through something similar without his support network, platform and physical stature. I don’t mean to make fun here, but it’s not like someone is going to say anything derogatory to his face and I doubt his sons would get the same teasing as someone else whose parent is not a physical force of nature.

As a conservative who has a very liberal viewpoint on social issues, I can also appreciate how Kroc focuses on his own happiness and internal acceptance rather that push it on others. Most of what you see in the media these days which are the loudest, are those “fighting the fight” by trying to force outward acceptance of others against their will. Such as the use of pronouns, bathrooms etc. The nature of the documentary allowed me as not only a straight white male, but a rather uneducated person on the subject matter, to just sit back and actually listen to someone tell their story without my own preconceived bias taking the stage and diluting the message.

I think if more of these stories focused on the internal struggles, like this documentary did, rather than society as a whole and how it responds, it would help others, like me, who have trouble empathizing and understanding their point of view. When someone else is forcing a narrative down your throat and you have to come to the defense of your own belief system that someone else is telling you is wrong, it harms both parties ability to just plain view it and make their own conclusion. This last sentence can be said for both sides of the zealot community of both views and not just on the transgender topic.

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