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I’m trying to find the article (or link) to that bodybuilder’s website who showed how you can fudge those “transformation” contests. A couple of women at work are doing the Body for Life contest and refuse to believe the results (as judged by photos) can be doctored by lighting, posture and sodium. I spent almost an hour on the search engine but can’t find it. Anyone remeber that bit? think it may have been in a reader mail.

It was in one of the old Dawg School columns…I think maybe the first one. Do a search and you’ll go right to it.

Some also use duct tape in those “amazing” transformation pics.

What is your intent? Hopefully you are not trying to discourage your co-workers from attempting to make a positive change through diet and exercise. Even though it is possible to “ehhance” your image on the photos, some of those people have really made significant changes and should be commended. I know we T-maggers feel betrayed by Bill Phillips and EAS, but I do feel Body For Life is a decent plan for people who have never had experience with diet or exercise.

Seems like you’ve got the supplements part right, now you must will yourself into a reasonable diet, and of course hit the weights. I am presently in a cutting cycle and I am using MD-6, T2, Tribex 500, and Methoxy, things seem to be going well for me. Best of luck to you dude.

there are some great ones at http://members.tripod.com/Dramo13/index2.html it’s not a very good site, but go to ‘photos of me’ - in the left hand nav - and then before and after. July 14 is pretty ‘good’

No, wasn’t trying to discourage them. Just impart a little knowledge. These “newbies” ask me questions about diet and exercise all the time and I answer them based on stuff from this here site. They read Bill’s book and are now touting themselves as experts and telling me that I must train and eat exactly like Bill recommends to accomplish anything. I agree that the plan is sound and will work for almost all begginers, but sooner or later you have to learn how your body responds to different exercise protocols and diets, if you want continued progress. Thanks-found the Dawg School in question.

I thought it was a reader mail from the Poliquin-era.

Dave, I’m glad you clarified your motive. A couple of years ago, I came up with a great way to doctor my B and A photos for EAS – I trained like a madman for six months, dropped forty pounds of fat and gained twenty pounds of lean – and that was before I’d ever heard of Biotest. Anyway, one guy looked at my photos and said, “Yeah, but you’ve got a TAN in the after shot.” Geez, after the sweat, the privation, the shrieking last reps, it turns out all I needed was a bottle of Banana Boat. Give me a break. Give me a particular KIND of break… Anyway, when your friends’ honeymoon gains with Body-for-Life are over, and they greet the horror of their first plateau, you’ll be there to counsel them through it.