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Well, i’m 23 years old, 5’11"

I started off at 222 lbs with roughly 18-20% body fat and am now down to 185 lbs at 10-12% body fat.

I designed my own training routines monthly, but went through Chris Shugart’s “Velocity Diet” for all of March (No deviations!) and then used a combination of the T-Dawg diet along with all of Dr. John M. Berardi’s tips and guidelines to healthy eating.

Probably the most beneficial aid in my diet plans were the principles located in “Precision Nutrition” by Dr. Berardi and the ScienceLink team.

Check it Out @

And Check out the Gourmet Cookbook @

I’d love some feedback from the more experienced bodybuilding types in these forums as to what they think I should improve muscularly. Let me know!


And now the after shot…

2 1/2 months later.

Congrats! Great progress so far. What are your goals/training?

Great job, you look 100% better!


You have some ridiculous traps. Nice job.

Good job, you have come a long way!

Now bring your legs up to match your upper body, they look like you have been neglecting them

Great progress with the fat loss!

And that’s a sick avatar too! “I smoke crack bitch!”

Good work.

A couple things though. You might want to get your body fat checked again. I’d put you around 14-15% body fat right now rather than 10-12% (not that it really matters). Also, you definitely need some work on your legs. Start doin lots of front and back squats.