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Mr. Thibaudeau,

I have question (because I’m trying to understand what would be right for me if I undertake the Fat Fast diet for a number of weeks). Why did you chose to ingest 2300/2400/2500 cals daily when Mr. Strasser decided to do only ingest 1300 daily? I just want to iron out some questions while I’m still researching and before I think of adopting this diet for a brief while. Thank you in advance for any help you may provide.

Actually, this goes out to anyone on the forums who may know the answer to my question. Once again, thank you.

Hey, FT,

in “the beast evolves” thread, CT says that he’s tried the fat-fast before, lost muscle mass, and thus decided to bump up the protein intake on this go-around. Makes perfect sense to me.


Chris, I had the same thought.

Excellent transition overall, I’d say. A job well done. What more can I say? When you put your mind to it… (fill in the blank)


I haven’t had the guts to read the article yet. I’m still looking at the pictures and trying to figure out what in the hell I’ve been doing all this time. Shit, I’ve got to get it together. CT, what can I say?

hi, first off, i would like to say that t-mag is awesome!! the routines and diets are great! hopefully t-mag will be around for a long time.with that i have some comments about chris’ transformation. if the person from the “power look” article and the “beast evolved” is one of the same, i must say that’s an amazing transformation. but let me play the devil’s advocate here. almost everyone wants the ultimate body, “mass and striation” all in one and those everyone would do anything to achieve that look. unfortunately even most of you in here believe that being massive and striated is hard to achieve even with drugs. look at all the guys in bb magazines, we all know they had to take large amounts of drugs to look like that. anyways here’s my point, if chris achieved this amazing transformation in just what, 14 weeks or whatever of hard training , diet and natural supplements then he deserves all the praising in the world. but frankly i do not know chris and im not sure if many of you know him personally. he might be a great guy for all i know, however, the truth only lies within, and that’s in chris. hopefully i didnt upset anyone. if anyone would like to respond please do. thanks.

That was one heck of an article. It has made me question wheter a diet like T-Dawg works well with a high volume/low rep program. (Yeah, I know, the Meltdown vs 5x5 thread. )
Thanks for the article.