Did you guys check out Christian Thibaudeau’s transformation? That’s freakin amazing. It really is making me take a step back to examine why my diet hasn’t been nearly as effective, and what I could do to improve. Just wanted to know what everyone else thinks, -KP.

Indeed. That sure is a motivational kick in the scrotum, eh?

I have one word: unbelievable. His results are absolutely incredible. What impressed me most is that he seems to have done it without any loss of strength - in fact he gained some strength. I’m intrigued, maybe I don’t have to be 15%+ to be a good powerlifter after all.

Most of the best olympic lifters are under 8% body fat (except for superheavies) … just look at pictures of Pirros Dimas from the Sydney Olympics … you can see his abs through his lifting suit!

You know, Arnold was right when he said that you can’t flex fat. Obviously you must be careful not to lose muscle along with the fat if you want to preserve your strength (or improve it).

His results are fantastic!

My question is how did he ever get in the shape he was in when he was at 15% bf? I never imagined Christian being all that “soft”!

Lookin great now brother! Props all the way…

I have been waiting for this article from the moment Christian said he was working on it. Well worth the wait, and quite frankly my favorite T-Mag piece since JB’s “Winning Formula” series.

Fantastic work, Christian! You are a true inspiration to us all.

I kinda look like the before picture right now, minus the major strength differences. Maybe this will get me motivated to train and diet, and finally convince people that I know what I am talking about.

Though fat is not my problem, this article for some reason really hits me, (yes I know, it’s about freakin time) that diet is not only important for cosmetic reasons but for strength and health. I tend to cheat or eat cheat meal types more often than most simply because I get away with it. But, now that I think about it, shoot imagine if I would skip cheat type meals? I think I’ll try to eat clean for two weeks just to see what happens!

come to think about it, usually when I cheat I eat about 2500 calories at the most, and usually Im full for about 5 hours. So, I skip a lot of meals, but on normal days I consume around 3000-3300 calories which might come out to more than when I do cheat. Hummmm, I really need to sit and figuere my crap out.

Thanks CT for the inspiration to fix my shit up,
Da Boxer

Proof there is no such thing as bad genetics. Just people who don’t work hard enough or smart enough.

I couldn’t agree more with the last poster. For years I said that I would never be under ten percent bodyfat. I thought it was just my genetics…what a bunch of BS!!! It’s all about the lifestyle.

I think that’s the type of transformation that it will take to win the Hot-Rox contest.


I am in almost exactly the same situation as your “before picture” right now. I’m 231, 19% bodyfat, and I’m ready to cut down. Your article really hit me where it hurt.

One question about modifying the outlined program: I would like to participate in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2-4 times a week. What modifications should I make to the program in terms of food intake and/or energy system work and/or weight training?

A seed idea for another article might be: if you could design another transformation for yourself, how would you incorporate your suggested changes?

Great article.

Quick Clarification:

I was talking about designing another program as if you were 19% bodyfat again, and running from there. You made some comments about “I could have done it in 12 weeks…” how would you have incorporated the changes in order to do it in 12 weeks?

He kinda confused me in it though. He said he thought that he was at 10% bf at the start and then says that a year ago he would have been ecstatic with 10%. I dont get how if you think your at 10 you would be ecstatic in reaching 10?

Christian- Phenomenal article! That is all I can say without being redundant or too glowing with praise. I’ve sent it along to some friends that need that kick in the ass. And the new haircut definately suits you.


Double Yikes!

Talk about motivation…

To Chris AUS:

He said that he thought he was 10% but in actuallity he was 18%. Then when he got down to a legitmate 10%, that’s when he became estatic.

Chris, I believe he said he THOUGHT he was at 10% at the beginning while he was actually 18%.


To Jason and Doc T:

Okay cool I gotya. Sometimes I read things too literally :slight_smile: