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Transformation Worth Logging

So,hi again =)

Today I started my transformation process.
I will be doing cardio + Stronglifts,and I’ll be on a diet without cheat days and that stuff,just plain diet.

Day1 - Morning cardio,Weights + High intensity cardio.
Day2 - Morning cardio,evening cardio.
Day3 - Morning cardio,Weights + High intensity cardio.
Day4 - Morning cardio,evening cardio.
Day5 - Morning cardio,Weights + High intensity cardio.
Day6 - Morning cardio,evening cardio.
Day7 - Rest day =)

6 A.M - Bifidus Yogurt(125g),4 Boiled eggs
9 A.M - Cottage Cheese (150g)
12 P.M - Chicken Breast (300~400g)
3 P.M - Tuna (200g) + Fruit/Vegetable of a choice
6 P.M - Chicken Breast (300~400g)
9. P.M - Post-training carb shake (Cottage cheese 150g,Two Bananas,Glass of milk)

Starting point:
110 kg,193 cm,BF Unknown,will post pictures later.

95 kg,BF <10%,1.5x Body Weight squat,Running 4.5kms under 16:30

Today went great,woke up at 6 A.M,ran to shop (because I forgot to buy Yogurts xD),ate,played basketball for 2 hours,ate,rest,ate again ^^

What do you think about final diet?
Should I even drink milk and eat that much carbs?

Running 4.5kms under 16:30

DAMN :smiley:

I know that in my best hour, I could have run 5 km in maybe 20 minutes, 16:30 is suicide :smiley:

Good luck! :wink:

I know it is suicide…I ran it in 20:45 last time I tried =)

It is what our P.E Teacher requests to get an A…below 16:30 ^^

Nice to see you started your transformation! Just be shure to manage fatigue on day 2, 4 and 6! Diet looks fine, but only time will tell you how to adjust things. Keep going!!!

Ok,It’s been a week since I started.My muscles were sore after first 2 exercises,and because of weather (a rainy week) I have done less cardio than I expected.Measured my weight,and I am at 107.5 kgs…that is 2.5 kgs down…not sure if it is healty loss,so I added black bread to my diet,just because I am worried about losing muscle.I am feeling better than usual,and I can start to see my arm muscles shape a bit :slight_smile:

All in all,it is going pretty well for now,haven’t cheated even with all the junk food my family keeps around.

Hi guys,I am approaching the end of Week 3,and I am happy with some results that are starting to show.
I lost fat in my arms (very visible) and some muscle can now be seen ( :open_mouth: ),looks much better than before.

I started measuring myself,and currently,I am at 25.5% Body Fat with 103cm Abdomen…that’s big O.o
The scale says 104 kg,that is 6 down from starting weight,and considering it was in 3 weeks,I probably lost some muscle =(

Anyway,I am doing great,adjusted diet a bit (added veggies…they taste awesome =D ).
I know I said I will post pictures,but unfortunately,my camera had an underwater trip,so I can’t post starting pictures,but I will try and find some pictures from that date to post.

And oh yeah,one question…
what kind of exercise should I do for explosive power? (not sure how you say this on english)?

Greetings from sunny and extremely warm croatia :slight_smile:

What’s uuup T-Nation? :smiley:
Haven’t posted for 3 weeks,didn’t have time to post :smiley:
So,to post you my results for now,with which I am pretty satisfied.

Down to 22.5% Body Fat,Ab is 97cm ^^
My weight is 97kg = 213 pounds :smiley:
My lifts went up for about 25kgs,can do 15 pushups in a set without a problem.

Destination I posted is 2kgs away,but I said to myself screw that,I am going even more down.
I am gonna start running in few days,I am currently on a tight schedule,playing on streetball tournaments every few days :slight_smile:

I added some oats to my diet,they are great in the morning with some yogurt :smiley:
The only problem is my schedule,because I don’t respect that getting up at 5-6 A.M thing…mostly because I come home from tournaments and trainings and midnight,even later :slight_smile:

Considering my looks,they got a lot better.I still have some moobs,but they are a lot smaller now,my gut is smaller,even though I don’t see it,the tape says it and so does the clothes size.
I got down from pants+shirts which were barely XXL,more like XXXL to L,and that is 3 extras down.
I am more comfortable with my body,having fun is easier because there are no more fat jokes about me.

People who haven’t seen me for few weeks told me that I look much skinnier and ask me how much weight did I lose.

Life is awesome here in Croatia…greetings, Loco :slight_smile: