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Transformation Progress 11 Months In. Be Honest!


Started March 19th, 2018 at 382lbs and over 40% bodyfat currently 275lbs and 24% bodyfat. My maintenance goal is 240lbs under 15% bodyfat.


Tremendous difference. That has to feel good.


This is rare to say in this subforum, but anyone who says this isn’t great progress ISN’T being honest. I like that you’re going for an extra 35 lbs. At 382 lbs, you already obviously had a good amount of muscle to work with. As you lose more weight, it will become more difficult, and these last 35 pounds may well be harder than the 100+ lbs that came before. Do you have a plan to continue losing fat as the journey gets tougher?


Good work man I wish you luck as you progress. You look like you held onto a lot
Of muscle which is awesome. Congrats bro


Absolutely, I don’t think it will ever be over. The goals may change but the journey is now a lifestyle.


The transformation is quite good but you have a long journey to continue and good luck for that. Try intermittent fasting. Which will give u awesome results. As here i want to borrow some lines from coach paul carter. He says in one of his article that extreem results need extreem approach… All the best.