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Transformation Log, Deployed Soldier

I’m currently deployed to OIF 5-6 as an infantrymen and have decided to make the transformation in what was a powerlifters/football players body to a bodybuilding physique… or something close to it.

The biggest problem with being deployed is availibity of food and weights. I’m currently working with one bench set, 2 free benches, Almost no dumb bells but all the sand bags and creativity I can come up with to put together some decent workouts.

As far as getting protein, i’ve been using some of that other companies hardcore mix… its basically protein with some BCAA’s included I believe as well as 2 of their supplements I picked up on a whim. My father,Colin on this site, has done me a favor and purchased some Biotest supplements to send my way so whenever I recieve those I’ll be sure to include them in my regimen. As well, being in the infantry our schedule is constantly go-go-go-go… we move alot. Setting a steady time to workout will be difficult once we’re out of gaurd phase. But i’ve got anywhere between 1-3 months

Goals- Lose weight. Get ripped. simple enough. I’d like my end weight to be around 220-240. I realize thats a 20 lbs gap, but I haven’t been that low since High School 5 years ago. i’d like to go home on leave in May with a good start… that being loss of the beer gut, double chin and definition in my arms/chest. Not exactly ripped, but on my way.

Current stats-

Weight- unknown… Guesstimate around 260-270… I’ve dropped give or take 20-25lbs since I’ve been here 3 months.

Neck- Stays at 19 1/2-20 inches at any given weight.
Arms-About 17 inches
Waist- I wear a 38 or 40 in jeans. So we’ll go with whatever that tells you.

Until I get a tape measure out here, I’m sucking for any kind of decent measurements.

My current workout is a mix of crossfit with bodybuilding movements.

Mon-Wed-Fri- 1 min rest between these sets

5 pullups
High volume deadlifts at 135 lbs- 10 reps
Pushups - 10 slow and controlled…deep pushups
Box jumps- 10 jumps at 24 inches
Floor Sweepers- basically, hold 135lbs halfway down… And do alternating leg lifts from right to left. Right-Left being 1. 10 reps
Kettlebell Raises- Like a mix of curls/arnold presses. 35lbs, 10 reps
5 chin ups


After that, i’ll do do 3 bodybuilding movements. Depending on the day is the body part I’ll do.
Mon- Chest-
DB flies- 40 lbs- 12 reps slow and deep for 3 sets
Bench press- High volume, 15 reps at about 135-150 lbs depending.
Nosebusters/French curls/Close grip press- Sets of 10 each, one right after the other.

Tues- Bi’s/Abs/Sprints
21’s with a barbell
Slow DB curls- 25-30 lbs for sets of 10-12
Hammer Curls- Same weight, same reps
I dont rest on Bi day, I burn em out and get out quick
Medicine Ball turns- 2 sets of 50
Superset- Flutterkicks and nonweighter floor wipers for sets of 20
Crunches-= 2 sets of 25

Wed- Shoulders
Lateral DB Raises - 25 lbs, 10 reps
Arnold press- 25-30 lbs, 10 reps
Upside down pushups- However many I can do, these suck


For sprints i’m just pyramidding down… 10 100 yard sprints, then 8-6-4-2-1… With 1 minute breaks between each set. Kind of a HIIT philosiphy.

Bent over rows
I dont do any more than this for back, usually my lats are smoked from all the pullups

Sat- Sprints/Abs

Pictures included…which suck so i’ll take more. But you get the idea of my body type. I’ll follow up later tonight with more pics after the workout.
I’m looking for some advice. Maybe diff ways to switch it up, how to maximize fat loss… Anything that will help. Thanks for reading!

PS- dont make fun of the animalPak pose, we were goofing around after the lift- haha.

Okay I cant post pics for some reason, so ill link them after tonights workout

Good luck man, I’ll be keeping up with your blog. Which FOB are you on right now?

First off

Bad ass picture man lol.

the high rep deadlift 135x10 threw me off a bit but Il be following this log, stay strong bro!

He is on FOB Falcon. I’m going to send him what I can (Supplement wise) to help him along. What I would like to do is work out a donation address with T-Nation where any of my Friends(or anyone for that matter) can donate say 5 or 10 bucks and it would go into an account. Then we could get good qualitiy protien and supps to ALL the members of FOB Falcon gym. If we could set something like that up it would be awesome!

Funny how when your son is young he looks up to you and thinks the world of you. Now he is my hero, true badassness, everything I always wished I was.

My units base is out of FOB Falcon, but we stay at COPs mostly and go back to the FOB only every now and then.

I took 2 days off for Wed-Thurs just doing my sprint workout to let the body recoup a little bit before I bump my workout up 5 reps and 30 sec breaks.

The deadlifts, its more to keep your heartrate up than anything. It doesn’t really burn my legs or back out all that much at all. But it definately keeps me breathing hard.

Heres the links to some random pics as promised- better ones to come but we were goofing off in the gym the other night and this is all I got.

http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y107/nyterider/2-1.jpg - haha dont make fun, was fucking around and oding the Animal Pak thing… just not dark enough in our gym to work

More to come soon

And Pop, nothings changed. You’re still my hero.


Tonights workout went well but I wasn’t that into it. I did all you see above at the regular minute interval and it didnt burn me out at all. I should be happy i’m getting used to being back in the gym I suppose, but I miss the fight between making your body quit before your mind will, its hard to get that here.

Since I took off 2 days this week, we ended up doing Bi’s after last nights workout. Those went alright but, eh. Just not a great feeling.

2 sets of 21’s - 50lbs BB
DB curls- 35lbs 2 sets of 12

I cant remember what they’re called, but I call them forearm curls. Where your palms are facing down… if anyone can school me up, let me know!

Forearm curls- 45lbsx12reps-2 sets

Tonight i’ll be adding 5 reps to everything, and jumping my interval down to 30second breaks. I’m excited to see how it goes.

Hey dude, good luck over there, and try to have some fun. Enjoy the “nice” bases like Anaconda, Victory and Eagle. I’ll probably be there in early '09, so I’ll see you there.

My recommendation would be also to run a whole lot while you are there. The DFAC food always sucks because it’s so full of carbs and preservatives, but there is usually a fresh salad bar at each base’s DFAC. Stick to that and try to eat as much meat as possible. The ARMY love to sling greasy hamburgers and potatoes everywhere, so stay away from them too.

Remember, it’s hot there, easy to lose weight. EASY! Back in OIF 2, I lost a good 10 pounds easily in 3 months just from running 6 miles a week in the morning before missions.

Tonights workout went alot better than last nights… We did chest/tris at the end and upped the crossfit from 1 min to 30sec breaks with 5 extra reps per set

Chest went like this-

DB Flies- 35 lbs-3x15
High rep bench- 150lbs-3x12
Dips- 35lbs on my lap-3 sets of 15

then I did a few random ab exercises to smoke em out a little bit

I also took some better pictures so i’ll post those as soon as I can upload them