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Transformation Competition with a Friend


Hey guys me and a friend of mine decided we would have a 3 month competition, with $300 on the line. She is a about 5'1 and 108 lbs, I'm 5'10 and 155 lbs (yeah I know..). She needs to get leaner and I clearly need to bulk up. She doesn't know her body fat % yet (she's taking it tmrw) but I was thinking the competition would have to be a correlation between me gaining weight and her losing a certain percentage of bodyfat.

What do you guys think would be as fair as possible? What would be the equivalent of me gaining say 15 pounds in 3 months in relation to her losing body fat? Trying to figure out how to make this thing as fair as possible and get this shit going...I think it would be great motivation for the both of us...and even if we lose - granted we bust our asses in the gym and ear right/clean - then hey, we still win.

Chime in with some ideas, thanks guys.


Its alot easier to just get a little more cut and leaner looking.

Especially if you dont have much experience with working out or dieting, and you start on a good program.

Your quite light for you height, and I would expect you could put on 20-30 pounds this year if you eat and lift hard.

But shes definelty going to win in a time span of only 3 months.

Your going to have to eat like a motherfuka, and thats going to hurt.

6k+ calories a day of clean food if you want 15 pounds of quality muscle (and a few pounds of fat as well) in 3 months.

Thats about what I eat when I bulk, Im alot larger than you, and its a pain for me.

Milk will be your best friend, get gallons of whole milk, try to get atleast 1/2 a day down.

Your going to need to make it something more like 10 pounds in 3 months.

Also at her height she is pretty much the correct weight. I expect she has very little fat to lose at 108 and 5'1.

She needs to work on building some muscle as well as trimming what little fat she has.

This contest is complex, she needs to lose mabey 5-8 pounds of fat and gain about 5 pounds of muscle.

So going off her BF% would be a decent indicator.

But for you, youll need to check both the scale and the BF% to see how much muscle and fat youve gained.


I guess he said it all...


okay she's at 109 lbs and 17% body fat.

I have to gain 15 pounds of muscle and she has obviously needs to tone and gain muscle, so as you said losing about 8 pounds of fat and gaining 5 pounds of muscle sounds about right? Does this sound like a pretty even comp. given that we both eat as good as we need to and train our asses off? And you do you exactly determine if each lbs gained is muscle or fat


Theres really no good way to do this...there are a huge amount of differences in your situations that make it really difficult to compare. You could be an endomorph and so could she, maybe she'll have an impossible time losing 8lbs while you'll have an easy time gaining 5.

Or it could be reversed. If you both train your asses off then who wins the competition won't be a matter of who works harder it will probably be more a matter of who's body responds better to the diet/exercise.


shes pretty close to normal female bf%'s

Shes by no means "overweight".

Mabey lose 5 pounds of fat gain 5 pounds of muscle would be good for her.

But that would take a long time.

Perhaps you should make it more like a year comp.

3 months is not enough time to do much.

Also your going to have to get your BF% measured, I can gain 20 pounds in 3 months, but not all of it will be muscle. You might say something like you gain 10 pounds of muscle while maintaining approximately 15% bf.

And like I said, you need way more than 3 months to make major gains. Its a lifelong marathon, not a sprint.


Why don't you drop the money and turn the competition into support? As said above, there really is no true way to determine the winner after 3 months.

Plus, if both of you work hard and by some arbitrary method determine the winner after 3 months won't that be a slap in the face to the loser for all their hard work? Personally I couldn't take $300 from a female friend if she failed to meet the same results as me over 3 months, but that's just me.

I think you would be better off keeping each other motivated over the next 3 months to help you reach your goals than making it into a competition.

Both of you could set a monthly personal goal, and if one of you doesn't reach that goal for the month you have to buy the other person dinner. If you both reach your goal, then great treat yourself to dinner together or whatever. I think you will find friendly support and motivation to be more beneficial.