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Transformation Begins


I made my decision and order Surge Recovery, Surge Workout Fuel, and monster milk. I havent choosen a workout plan yet. I would like some input on a good plan for fat loss. I have read some workout books; such as Huge in hurry, built for show, book of muscle, and couple others. I currently wiegh 195 with approx. 20-25% body fat. I would like to get down to 15% or less. Any help would be great. I will post some pictures in a bit






damn im fat


Chest: 43
Navel: 36
Waist: 39
Shoulder width:22
Arm: 15
Legs: 25
Calf: 15


watching spongebob huh

what do you plan on eating?


Diet wise I plan to eat clean and avoid eating out. Carbs in take will be done in the morning and after the workout. I believe i am going to do the built for show routine. Today was hard day because last night I got sick to my stomach and was vomiting and counld keep anything down today. I am going to start lifting on monday and use the weekend to plan out the diet. I was thinking diet would look like this.
Surge, multi-vit, Flameout, flaxseed.

2 egg omlett with veggies and oatmeal

Surge during and after. (Half serving)

Lean meat with veggies or

Serving of monster milk
(love that stuff)

lean meat and veggies or some of mom's vegatable beef soup.

Before bed
Monster milk


Training for monday 11, 2009
Jogging for 5-10 min
Mobility for 10 min

Squat 135/15 135/15 145/15

Barbell Row
95/15 95/15 115/15

Supine Hip Extension/ on swiss ball
bw/15 bw/15 bw/15

DB push press
50s/15 50s/15 50s/15

rotational Lunge
bw/15 25/15 25/15

swiss ball crunch
bw/15 bw/15 bw/15

Ate pretty clean except for the tea that i had at work but i did turn down the milk shake and burger from jack.


Lifting like you want to get bigger will oftentimes make you leaner if you're eating correctly. You'll turn into a catabolic fat girl lifting for 3 sets of 15.


taking some advice from the previous post. Training for wednesday.
135/8 135/8 145/8
Bench press
75/8 80/8 85/2 then 80/4
Shoulder press
115/8 115/8 115/8
chin up
bw/5 bw/5 bw/4 bw/4
1/45sec 1/55sec
rev woodchop
25/10 25/10