Transformation 09-13

Hey guys just wanted to share my 4 year transformation with you, these are my 100% life time natural gains from the age of 18 to now at 22.

Let me know what you think

Back shot


Shit man. I bet you put on 40 lbs. Great work. What is your training like?

and did all this wouldn’t adopting the “full house” look

Cheers mate, Yeah in the before pic im 130lbs and in the after pic im 182lbs so a total gain of 52lbs

At the moment i have single muscle splits

Day 1 Arms
Day 2 Legs
Day 3 Rest
Day 4 Chest
Day 5 Shoulders
Day 6 Back
Day 7 Legs

Nice man. I guess I’ll ask the next question. What’s your nutrition like?

Nutrition is good, well in my opinion haha so you guys can critique,

Meal 1 (7am) - 1 cup of oats, 1 scoop of protein, 1/2 cup of frozen raspberries
Meal 2 (10am) - 1 apple, 1 banana, 1 low fat yogurt, handful of nuts
Meal 3 (1pm) - 2 cooked cups of brown rice, one 185g can of tuna (or 8oz of chicken breast)
Meal 4 (4pm) - Same as meal 3
Meal 5 (6.30pm) - Post workout protein shake
Meal 6 (7.30pm) - Same as meal 3 and 4
Meal 7 (10.30pm) - 5 whole eggs, 1 slice of 5 grain toast

On top of that I keep hydrated, supplement pre-workout and during workout and don’t drink any alcohol what so ever.

fucking awesome stuff man

why not throw up a leg pic as well

at this point id like to point out that this guy is obviously getting great results with a bodypart split and 7 meals a day and no especially fancy supplementation. Kind of something to think about before getting seduced by the newest supplement or training program.

Yep great progress jordz.Way to keep at it man.

Cheers guys,

Yeah bro since I sorted out my nutrition everything has responded really well.

This pic shows a little side leg, isnt that impressive but then again legs are the last place I lose fat for some reason lol will take a front shot of the legs when I get the chance.

Man, you look awesome. You have the look I would like to have one day. Height and weight?

Looking back? What mistakes- if any - did you make along the way?

What is your training “style” heavy progression or high volume pump? I see you train legs twice a week. What are your thoughts about frequency?

Good stuff!

I hope you plan on competing!

Great progress, and definitely a well proportioned physique for 22. So many people, especially the younger ones, overlook the need to understand basic nutrition, and having a solid plan in place can often be the biggest piece of the puzzle.


Great results man! Love what grind pointed out. This kid just busted his butt, ate right and trained consistantly and got the rewards from it.

Thumbs up to you Jordy.

Congrats on the great results.

Great transformation, to echo the previous comments its clear you busted your arse and have been consistent over a long period of time.

What was the heaviest/highest bf% you got to during this transformation? Did you follow a bulk & cut or steady gain?

Great results, what are your plans and goals now?

beautiful bro! great job! :slight_smile:

beautiful bro! great job! :slight_smile: