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Transform Into a Peregrine Falcon!

Have you ever had the desire to swoop down on an unsuspecting field mouse and pierce its squishy flesh with talons capable of shearing their way through the flesh and bone of small woodland creatures almost instantaneously and then carry off your dinner to a remote tree top?

If so, I have a treat for you! The terminal velocity of a free falling skydiver with limbs tucked in is 320 km/h (200 mph or 89 m/s), which is also the maximum speed of the peregrine falcon diving down on its prey.

Now all you need is a nifty pair of talons, some duct tape to attach them, and an antigravity jetpack to keep you from making a crater in the ground and showering it with blood and other bodily fluids.

Was reading about terminal velocity on wikipedia. Just had to make a post about it.

can I wear a bird mask to work and make people call me Mr. of Prey, Mr. Bird of Prey???

Won’t I also need a field mouse?

[quote]Chickenmcnug wrote:
Won’t I also need a field mouse?[/quote]

lol…wish I’d written this…

Yes but the falcon goes back UP again, WITH the prey, and the skydiver slows down a lot before getting near the prey.

Nevertheless such a skydiver would make the news, or at least, youtube

I’ve been attacked by falcons, they only hit me once but made me bleed on the side of my head, they are territorial and I wandered through their area. They are sneaky bastards. They know if you are looking at them.

Man I am an idiot, all I needed was a hat covered in eyes. I was a kid though. Still, I could market such a hat for people attacked by magpies.

I would much rather have a Dolphinplasty. Dolphins rock IMHO.

[quote]themonthofjun wrote:
I would much rather have a Dolphinplasty. Dolphins rock IMHO.[/quote]

Broflovski? Is that you?

Why does this thread have five stars?

You should try this and get back to us with results.
my money is on the field mouse, i think even with the bird mask, ‘taped on’ talons, antigravity device and any other accesories you might get, the mouse will see you coming.
of course i’m presuming your a little bigger than a bird of prey.

but good luck and happy landings

Just to keep things correct, a peregrine falcon will rarely, if ever, attack a mouse, they usually prey on small birds which they hit in flight and then catch a bit further down.



Oh, and THIS one too!

Start off slow… Go through a dress rehearsal.


[quote]derek wrote:

Oh, and THIS one too![/quote]


I want one.