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Transferring Hcg/Bac Water into Vials?

This might well be a daft question, but…
I’m starting TRT soon but i’ve only be prescribed sustanon. I’ll be sourcing my own HCG. The HCG i’ve found comes in 1500iu amps. 1500iu is 6x250iu doses and leaving an open amp in the fridge for 2 weeks is less than ideal.
Could I mix with bac water in the amps and transfer it to a vial? I assume sterile empty vials are sealed to maintain sterility and the HCG would need to be injected in?


Individual amps? Huh. That’s not optimal. I mean, you kind of don’t have a choice if it’s between open amps or transferring to a sterile vial. You need a sterile, sealed vial. I don’t know where you’re sourcing these amps, but I have never seen that before. Almost all pharma HCG comes in 10ml vials as a powder with bac water included. Try to find that if you can. If not then I guess you’ll have to transfer into a sterile vial that you buy yourself. It would be sealed and you’d have to inject the solution into it through the rubber stopper.

For some reason there seems to be a bit of an HCG drought in the UK. But amps seem to be the norm for most things here. Sustanon comes in 1 ml amps too.

Thinking about it, the same question is relevant to sustanon too. I’ll be getting 4 1ml amps a month (prescribed 0.5ml/week, split over 2 injections). Should I transfer it all into 1 vial or can I load 4 syringes from 1 amp?

Not if you are taking two injections per week, then you’d need 8 syringes, 0.5ml each. I’d crack one amp each week, load two syringes to .5ml, take one, refrigerate the other until mid week.

It’d be 4 syringes per amp, 0.25ml per injection. Would that be ok sitting in the syringes for 2 weeks?

Right, I read that as .5ml per injection. I’ve never done that, but I know some who have. As long as it is kept cold and sterile, I’m not aware of a problem with it.

Yeah, it’s .25 per injection, .5ml a week. My thinking was to transfer all 4 amps (4 ml) into a vial which would then last me 8 weeks.

If I open 1 amp and preload 4 syringes and keep the unused ones in the fridge wouldn’t oil based Sustanon thicken up making it difficult to inject?

I was referring to the hCG.

I’m in the UK too and getting hold of HCG from the pharmacy is tricky. I’m souring from EU myself and normally get 5000iu ampoules which I mix with 2ml of bacs water in a sterile vile I sourced from eBay. I do this for my test to as those come in ampules. The HCG stores fine in the fridge and is good for 30 days’ish.

For the test draw it out all your ampoules with a larger needle, (I’m using 19g) and large 10ml syringe, then inject into your sterile 10ml vile and you are good to go.

Thanks for the reply Danny. Does that much hcg dissolve in that little water? I thought the general mix was 1ml bac water per 1000iu?

Yes no issues at all… There’s not much powder… I think can inject 0.10ml per 250iu dose. Personally I’d rather inject less liquid if possible.

Nice one. Cheers mate.

You’re welcome!