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Transferring Colleges: What to do?

Hey all,

Im a d1 athlete and Ive been seriously contemplating tranferring schools. I am a sophomore right now and am a bit unsure of how to proceed. I just dont feel like the school I am at is the best place to be . . . Im doing really well academically, 3.8 GPA, but the coach made the place out to be something that it isnt and he made himself out to be something he is not. He is one of the most repulsive human beings I have ever met (fat, lazy, cheated on his wife, utterly useless, a glorified babysitter).

The problem is my teammates are awesome, we are like a family, and I would have a difficult time leaving the friends I have made, many of whom will be at my wedding when the time comes. But my game the past 2 years has gotten worse and the practice facilities are awful. The school I am considering is a fully-funded D1 program and I know the coach very well. Before I entered college he told me he wanted me to transfer to his school at some point, and it is now or never. His team will be at a tournament we are going to this weekend and I intend to speak with.

Anyone else been in this kind of a situation? Any advice from fellow college athletes about transferring? I have been seriously thinking about it for the better part of 3 months . . . its either go or no go!

I’m not a college athlete but I would suggest you switch. That is based mostly on the fact that it sounds like you’re just looking for validation of a decision you’ve already made.

If you don’t respect your coach then you’re never going to live up to your potential. You’ll still keep your friends from your current school and make new friends at the new school.

I say switch… You will have to take into consideration red-shirting and such.

you’ve already made your decision it sounds like.

i just transferred from D1 to D3, and if you can get the same kind of deal at this other D1, why the hell not?

Switch. Once you get the deal locked up, tell your teammates. If your coach is a bad as you make him out, tell him last.

Hey pursuit, I personally have experienced a similar situation took the transfer route. While it was definately tough in the beginning the thrill of playing for a better program will be worth it in the end. And your teammates, well they are still going to be your friends and will support the decision if they know it is in your best interest.

Good Luck