Transfer from BB Row to T-Bar Row and DB Row

I had been injured since the end of November with a lower back injury and I took 3 weeks off on the physio’s advice. I realised I could not comfortably do barbell rows anymore.

Today I did t-bar rows for the first time and I managed to get 3 plates (so 60kg) on to the bar and did 3x5 of those. It felt a lot more comfortable on the lower back then barbell rows. For my barbell row it was 80kg 3x5 usually before I got injured. I have managed to do dumbbell rows of 40kg today 2x5.

Have I regressed in terms of how strong my back is? I don’t feel like my back is developed enough , I started training on February 15th 2014. So nearly a year now, but I was training on and off before (not serious training).

I think youre thinking too much. Just lift.

[quote]eatliftsleep wrote:
I think youre thinking too much. Just lift.[/quote]

Being out of the gym for three weeks, plus coming off an injury, plus using a new exercise… you’re fine. Get back into your regular routine and you’ll be right back to normal soon enough. Just be smart. There’s no reason to rush, especially with anything in the low back.