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Transfatty Acids

What foods are high in transfatty acids? I know that snack crackers like Wheat Thins have them. What other transfatty foods should I avoid?

Most pre-prepared, packaged goods are going to have trans fats in them. Also, most margarines and most fried foods that are made with polyunsaturated fats will contain them. Keep an eye out for the word hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated as those are key words that point to trans fat. Unfortunately, manufacturers won’t have to label trans fats until something like 2007-8 or something like that so all we can do is avoid the products that I’ve mentioned above.

If you see the words “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated” high up on the list if ingredients, then you’ve got high trans-fat content.

Chips, Brand-Name peanut butter (skippy, jiff), margarine… just stay away from most processed foods, they’ve found a way to put trans-fats in quite a lot of products.