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Transdermal Tren

I"ve already PMed some of the members here but i figure i will make it a general post so more can see and hopefully help me out while providing info for those who have the same questions. i am considering using a transdermal tren solution for a 6-week duration and have read just about everything there is on the net and this site about it but this has only created more questions.

First, which solution (DMSO, BA and BB, straight 99% pure alcohol, etc.) works the best for this as androsol is no longer available? second, has anyone tried FinaDerm, the transdermal gel offed by universal kits? i understand that the effectiveness is roughly half of using injections but i cant poke myself and i dont want anyone knowing that i am using it. thanks for any help you guys can give me in advance.

DMSO, enjoy the smell. . .

The injectable is better because the tren does not break down as fast in the injectable. if you are going to use the spray or gel you would have to lather yourself in it your are only getting about 50 % or less effectiveness by applying to your skin.

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