Transdermal Tren

Everything I have read about transdermal tren has called for a gel of some kind to be used but I recently was given a recipe for it…and it didn’t include anything like that.

I can order fina pellets pretty cheap online, so I was considering giving it a go and seeing how it works. I don’t feel comfortable injecting stuff that I have made, yet.

He claims he has used it and it worked well, but I don’t understand how just alcohol would be a good delivery system…

Here is what he told me

"You’ll need 2 grams of Fina pellets and 91% isopropyl alcohol (injection grade) and a spray bottle that will hold 100ml of liquid (Dollar store).

Step One: Crush up the pellets in each carton of Fina into a fine powder. Do this one carton at a time. The easiest way to do this is to close off one end of a plastic drinking straw by folding it over and scotch tape it, load it with pellets, and close off the other end. Take a hammer and lightly strike the straw until all pellets are pulverized into a very fine powder.

Step Two: Cut the end off of the straw and pour the contents into the spray bottle. Pulverize more fina and pour powder into the spray bottle. Do this until the entire 2 gm are in the spray bottle.

Step Three: Add 40 ml of 91% alcohol to the bottle containing the fina pellets. Screw the spray head on the bottle and shake the shit out of it. Next, add the other 40 ml of alcohol to the bottle, put the cap on and shake it very vigorously again. Let it sit overnight. You may see particles at the botton of the spray bottle, that is just filler and binders. The worst thing that may happen is that they may plug the sprayer, although this never happened to me.

Application: AFTER a shower, spray yourself from chest to ankles on the front of your body; allow to dry. Done. Repeat in the evening for best results.
If you are very hairy, I would remove it so the the liquid makes it to your skin and not on the hair.

Hope this helps."

very old school thinking here, but I do not see a mix of fina pellets and ipa as working very well for a transdermal

it works but as stated…not as well. alot of guys used to do this when Biotest made androsol and nandrosol…which were for all practical purposes just in a alcohol base and they were sprayed on the body. Well along the way alot of people figured out they could crush fina pellets up and filter them through a coffe filter into the solution and greatly add to the potency of the mixture. But crap you smell like hell and everyone will wonder WTF you are doing. Better off to just use DMSO (which stinks in its own right) but at least you are not covering your body with it.

Well, nevermind then.
I’ll just buy tren when I want to start tren.