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Transdermal Test

What kind of gains can be expected from Transdermal Test products like Androgel and Transim?Perscription strength of course.

If you already make a decent amout of test on your own these will not help and will shut most guys natural production down and you end up worse off than before.

go with an injectable if you can. Transdermals have very poor absortion so you would need alot of it to make a difference

The spike in E2 from transdermals sucks too. Unless you need hormone replacement and even if you don’t go with injections.

The only thing I’ve done transdermal was tren. I crushed up some fina pellets and mixed with 90% DMSO gel. It worked quite well, but it was the very first thing I did with AAS, and I was relatively young. I put up numbers then that are on par with some of the lifts I can do today. Tren is amazing for lean mass and strength if you get the training and nutrition down.

i was on androgel for about a year and it really doesn’t do much for you at all. i gained maybed 5 pounds, but i feel that is due to hard work and my diet. i am now on the shots, much more effective.