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Transdermal Test Very Inexpensive at LEF

I have been negative about T gels because of costs, and some other issues.

I cannot be negative about the costs any more. lifeextensionrx.com offers T gel or T cream in pump dispensers 90 doses for $60.05. Standard shipping is free. This is cheaper that injectables.


I phoned to confirm. At the price you get cream or gel, each 100mg dose is 100mg applied to the skin for a nominal delivery of 10mg.

The representative stated that the delivery per pump can be customized to one’s prescription. I do not know how concentrated the T creams are or can be. We do know that stronger creams applied to smaller surface areas reduce the amount of T–>E aromatization.

If you are using this product or switch to it, or find out more, please find you way back to this post and provide us with an update. If you have been following discussions re selegiline/deprenyl, it is priced right there as well.

Great find, thank you for that.