transdermal spray

I have a connection who has designed a transdermal spray. It is 15grams 10g of 1 test and 5g of 4 andro he usues DMSO as a transport and claims to have a 20.8 mg absorption rate if you do the math it works out 15,000.00mg total divide by 240 ml per bottle and 1 spray is equal to 1ml. Your opion on how to use it and the best place to spray it as awell as if you think it is worth $135.00 would be greatly appreciated

Ask your “connection” how to use it. If he designed it, he obviously must KNOW how to use it.

All I can say about DMSO and transdermal sprays is to keep it away from the sensitive areas of your body (ie, inside of your elbows etc.) Prepare to itch like a mofo when it drys…

…Oh, and shower it off a few hours later before you go out, unless you like smelling like a ripe garlic.