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Transdermal Patches


in my kinesiology class (i know right?) the topic of steroids came up. oral and inectables were listed, as well as transdermal patches.

how common are those among strength athletes/bbuilders?




transdermal patches are used for hormone replacement therapy and from what i have read, suck balls big time and would have no place in physique enhancement.


think from your class. transdermal patches cant deliver large doses (only about 10-20mg per day). this is not enough for what most people take. topical delivery is a good option. creams are still a good option; since most steroids have good penetration through the skin.

Bioidentical Hormone replacment therapy (for old women) is almost always done with creams. It is easier for granny to rub a cream on in the morning than shoot up. As to juicing, the highest levels can be reached with Intramuscular inj.