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Transdermal HOT-ROX

Has anyone tried using HOT-ROX Extreme transdermally? If so what were your results like?

Uhh . . . . why?

I accidentally bit into one once. Going on that, I don’t imagine that it would feel good on your skin.

Had one break before and it got into my fingers. Curious, I licked some of it off because I wasn’t going to waste HRX…and maybe it would taste like raspberries. It did NOT taste like raspberries, but very spicey…go figure.

I threw up HOT-ROX once and i can say the gel lingers in your throat like crazy.

A long time ago if I remember correctly Biotest was working on a transdermal fat burner. You know, spot reduction for those trouble spots. If they ever developed one that really worked, it would be like winning the lottery in terms of business I bet.

And years before that, Dan Duchaine tried to make a transdermal with yohimbe for lower body fat reduction for women. I think he used DMSO as the solvent/carrier.

I listened to a MD talk about the developement of a rub on spot reducer. They had a group of women applying the product to their thighs. While they were not really sure if it worked, they discovered that the ladies were having trouble keeping their rings on after being on the test.

The fat in their palms and fingers was going away, and that caused the rings to get loose. The stuff really worked, but had to be sold by demonstrators, as no one would buy it off the shelf, due to the stupid "If it seems too good…’. Yes there is/or was a product out there that did/does work, and it did have a good price on it, not cheap.

Prep-H…good spot reducer…temporarily of course. lol


Duchaine ended up helping out with Helios, I believe. An injectable yohimbine/clen compound. Supposed to be pretty effective for spot reduction.