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Transdermal HCG


After switching over to T Cyp injections due to a job/insurance change my doctor is finally on board with hcg injections. Problem is they said they cant find a pharmacy locally for injections, only transdermal. Any experience with this?

Thanks in advance


I’ve never even heard of Transdermal HCG. Try Freedom Fertility. I’ve used them for years.


Do you mean sublingual/oral? I’ve never heard of transdermal hcg either. Beware of oral/sublingual hcg as the molecule is too fragile and large to be absorbed through either method (sublingual or ingestion).


You already searched/called compounding pharmacies? Costco, Walgreens etc around my area didn’t have HCG. I got my script filled at a compounding pharmacy for $60


Thanks for the replies, I told them I had never heard of transdermal and I would only use injectable. Found a pharmacy and they are going to ship it to me.


Is hCG been confused with transdermal T, gels or creams?

Inject SC, not IM.
#31 5/16" 0.3ml is suitable.
Get from Walmart, house brand “Relion”, ~14 per 100
No script required in many jurisdictions.


Thanks KSman, no I asked her several times about it being transdermal and she insisted. At any rate my shipment came today, did 1st inj already. I use 29g, 1/2" .5ml for T cyp so that’s what I used but I will pick up some of what you suggested. No rx needed for syringes here so that’s easy.

Was hoping to find the powder so I could mix myself as I was planning to use 5ml of diluent in a 10000iu vial to keep injection amount smaller but they (compounding pharmacy) don’t ship it dry anymore. Oh well, I see that CVS carries the dry so I may see about switching when the time comes. Doctor was skeptical about seeing results since I was on Androgel for about 5 years without hcg but we will see.