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Transdermal Gels

I know we already discussed cutting gel and how bad it sucks. I completely agree. Are all types of transdermal gels crappy? Has anyone heard anything about DermaLEAN or Sculpting Gel (Performance Biomedical Lab.)?

Well, since Biotest and Bill Roberts tried to make a product like this and decided not to because it didn’t work well enough, then I really doubt that any non-Bill-Roberts-on-staff companies could do any better.

Dude, all of that stuff is pure SHIT! Don’t you think that if it worked everyone would be buying it (like MAG-10!)???
Move on…

I’ve heard unsolicited positive reviews about Yohimburn. I haven’t tried it yet but I will later this spring.

Man this shit is so fake. I was in a nutrtion store one time and this guy walks in an ask the clerk about this cutting gel that is suppose to melt the fat away. Oh yea she said this stuff works great. I got so pissed. She was so fat and telling this guy that this stuff works great. Why the hell dosen’t she use it then? I walked over and said are you out of your freaking mind lady. Just trying to make a sale. I know its thier job to sell items but if they don’t know the product then don’t over hype it. Just some adivce…DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THAT SHIT!!!

they are made by the same parent company and all worthless. Try Thiomucase cream for a short-term localized fat reducer.