Transdermal fat burners

You Biotest guys seem to be experts at transdermal delivery systems. In your opinion, are any of these transdermal fat burners worth trying? For something beyond a localized diuretic effect?

There is this new product called Sculpting Gel by PBT or something. Has Yohimbine, but doubt that this stuff actually works. Anyone have any feedback? Does it help burn fat, or is it only a diuretic?

I used Cutting Gel last summer. I think it’s main ingredient is aminophylline, which is just a diuretic as you say. I have not used yohimbe/dmso, but I know people who swear by it. I think if anyone would come up with something that works it would be Biotest.

Well, I don’t work for Biotest, but until I see real evidence (i.e. clinical studies AND real world results) the only “topical fat burner” I’d wager money works is burning napalm.