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Transdermal Application of Biotest Products


I thought of posting this question here since, the posters here would have a lot more knowledge about such stuff than others.
Anyway, down to business:

Some of the Biotest Supplements come in a capsules with a base of "lauroyl macrogol-32 glycerides". This apparently allows for transdermal application which may/may-not allow greater absorption. There has been some discussion about this application for Rez-V, and I was wondering if it extended to other products as well. The products are:

Carbolin 19

Any thoughts?


If you search you can find a thread about HRX. I've tried it a couple of times. I can't say too much about the effectiveness. If I recall correctly, I didn't feel quite as energetic when I rubbed it in.


Oooh transdermal Carbolin 19? Now I'm listening.








Interesting. I may try transdermal app of HRX once I start cutting because my esophagus is fucked six ways to sunday and I usually get heartburn from HRX.

Where on the body would be most effective? Inside thigh?


probably back of the palm. That is where androgel (testosterone in cream form) is most commonly applied for HRT patients, so there must be a reason for it.

Maybe b/c there is nothing but a little bit of skin with little to no muscle or fat covering the back of the hand so it is absorbed better? I really have no idea lol pure speculation.


This seems to be a good starting point.
"the regional variation in the permeability of human skin increases in the general order of;
Plantar Foot Arch
Lateral Ankle
Ventral Forearm
Dorsal Forearm
Jaw Angle
Taken from "Transdermal and topical drug delivery systems"
By Tapash K. Ghosh, William R. Pfister, Su Il Yum.

They also say that the areas on the trunk and thigh are used most often because it's easier to rotate application site. Though, I don't think it would be a concern in this case since the application would not be damaging the skin like DMSO creams.


There's also a thread on transdermal application of Rez-V, but I'll let you find that one so you'll have a chance to figure out that search function :wink:.


I have already read through both the discussions on Rez-V.
That is where I got this idea from.
My query was whether what worked with Rez-V would work for other supps packaged in a similar fashion.


I've been applying 1 HRX 2x/day to my chest, stomach and love handles in hopes that this might also cause some localized lipolysis. It's probably wishful thinking, but we'll see.


How long have you been doing this? How long do you plan to do it?

How do you respond to HRX taken orally?

G87, what's the title of that thread? I just spent 5 minutes searching 'transdermal, Rez-V, application' and couldn't find anything.



first return there:



man this thread really has my curiosity going. i do remember reading the article on MAG-10 transdermal application like 2 or 3 years ago, but i guess i pretty much disregarded it soon after reading. i too get terrible heart burn and a burn in my throat from HRX, plus if i take too many too closely together, it would induce a panic attack on me due to my anxiety.

if rubbing it in the skin even somewhat lowered these side effects, i would be sold again on it and give it another try! i really hope the experts pop in on this and give some feedback


"lowering the effects" is the operative concept.

Chances are, transdermal works, but not as effective a way to get it into the bloodstream. It seems to me that they designed it as an oral, and you are going to et the best effect taking it orally.

If HOT-ROX "burns" I have to ask: are you taking it with plenty of water?


I had been following that protocol for about 10 days, but I upped it today to 2 pills 2x/day topically. I plan to continue with that until the bottle is empty - 3 more weeks-ish.

Two pills taken orally is normally too strong for me, so I do 1 HRX and 500mg green tea extract. Two pills topically was more tolerable, and I didn't have any issues with heart burn/indigestion, though I normally don't as long as I take them with food.

The second application today was about 10 minutes before I went to the gym, and that wasn't sufficient time for it to be absorbed through the skin as some of it ended up in my shirt with my sweat. Next time I will apply it earlier.


Actually, Bill Roberts once mentioned that Biotest could not sell stuff as Transdermal creams due to supplement laws and such. It was on the Rez-V thread.



Other companies do (resveratrol)


The old Alpha Male was also in a nano-dispersion gel, which would have been perfect for transdermal application.

Now Alpha Male is, as far as I know, only available in solid form, of course, and I don't know how viable any of the old stock would be, even if you could find it.

Mod Brian? Any input?