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Transdermal 1-DHEA w/ DMSO Carrier?

I was hoping someone might have some experience, or Chem knowledge, regarding the use of DMSO as a carrier for 1-DHEA.

i have access to some bulk 1-DHEA, and was hoping that using a DMSO carrier would increase the efficacy of absorption and resulting coversion of 1-DHEA > 1-Andro > 1-Test

Compared to the bio-availability of oral 1-DHEA, do think my above idea would be superior, significant or otherwise?

do you really think it’s worth the effort?

DMSO is harsh. Harsh on your skin and gives you wicked breath. Its also “kinda” controlled because its not intended for human use. I agree with cyco…lot more stuff out there to mess with with better results than hoping for a conversion to Test. If you want Test, get it.