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Trans Male to Female AAS Usage

Ok first, it’s been a while since I have been on here. This pandemic and a breakup just hit together so I just did my little PTSD isolation thing. I hope you have all been well and that no one lost anyone to this Covid. I had it and it was NO JOKE!

Ok on to the meat of the matter.

I have this friend who was born male but has transitioned to female. She still has her cock (yes I realize the oxymoron statement I just made) but her balls were removed because she had issues with test levels as she took the estrogen and maybe progesterone (not sure about the progesterone). She has had a whole list of surgeries like her voice, face, implants and so one. She has experienced sex drive issues so the doctor gave her topical test gel. That was actually what got us talking because she was like this shit does not do shit, can you get me an IV drip of test (not literally but close). So the gel is taken so her cock will work and keep her libido going. I think right now she is on no or VERY low estrogen. So we were talking and she use to weight lift when in highschool and loved it. Well she has been hitting the gym and really she looks like she works out, she obviously doesn’t have the super slender waist like a cis female but she does had a figure line. So she wanted to start a cycle and she already had an idea of what she wanted and even though I tried to talk her out of it she is going forward. Before everything got to her she went to her doctor and got a vial of watson test cyp 200, it’s only 2 mls but still, I want to see if she will keep getting them and trade me but that is a side thing.
So I convinced her that gel and injectable test are two VERY different beasts. That gel doesn’t have legs, it’s in and out quickly thus you always have to apply it. And her doctor had her using something that I thought was high, 14-21 mgs a day but then again I dont think she absorbs all of that.

So she got some test prop, I made sure she understood why this was the ONLY option because it would get out of her system in a couple of days vs weeks if something happens like she starts growing a beard again. I suggested she only take 20mgs EOD and that because it stayed with her vs the gel that should give her an amazing difference in experience vs the gel. Keep in mind her gel dosage was double that but she wasn’t seeing results but we don’t really know how well that stuff absorbs. She also got some anavar, I told her females are really only supposed to start with just anavar or some sort of oral or non estered hormone. She wanted the test and anavar so I suggested 10 mgs a day. I told her a born female starts around 2.5-5mgs a day and that usually gets a solid response. With my friends situation she isn’t born female bit she has not had any real test or dht levels in years so I would think a low dose should kick her in the pants. Also we don’t know the actual purity of the anavar, should be good and close but I assume those 2.5-5mg doses are pharmacutical grade sources.

I told her about watching for vitalization signs and explained what she wa risking and how it could undue her surgeries but she wanted to do I told her I would do my best to share what I have gleaned from experience. I personally think she should just deal with a low test dose to find out where she gets her libido back but doesn’t start growing a beard again.

So does anyone have any sort of experience with anything like this situation? Any info would be greatly appreciated. And please she is a friend so nothing to crazy in the responses please. If you don’t agree with her transitioning then just remember you don’t know her so there is no reason to spew hate, because I certainly will not relay the message.

So thanks in advance and if anyone knows so done who might know something or have some experience, please get them to look at this and share.

Has she tried using the test cream on forearms or her scrotum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I would really not recommend she do anything without doc supervision, especially not prop.

This is one big contraDicktion.

If it wants to be female it needs to get over the fact it’s dick might not work. It’s hards to have both.

Anyway my answer to the person would be to consider cialis.


ZEEK!!! Bro. Where have you been


The reason a naturally born woman takes tiny levels of testosterone is because they process it different than a male. Your friend has a male body (when it comes to hormones and how they are used by the body) regardless of whether they have testicles currently. They still will require the same amounts of testosterone as any other male to get the same type of results vs a female (libido and other sexual functions from sex hormones). Hopefully your friend was made aware of what removing the testicles would entail beforehand and the risks involved. There’s a Joe Rogan podcast that came on recently where they spoke about the fact that many people transitioning aren’t fully aware of all the things that can be permanently effected by removing the testicles (use of the penis for sex & sex drive being a few of them).


I took a break from the forum. It had just gone down hill. Felt like it was just a waste of time. Iv been cruising for a while and planning next blast so figured I’d come take a look at the forum and see if there was any new bro science that has come out I could possibly use.


What you have to consider is that you are talking to and about a biological male here. All medical advice, considering steroids or other medication must be in the context of a male body.

My opinion on this is, that this is a big mistake. It’s very stupid to “transition” and then run male hormone cycles.

It seems you understand the problem here and I don’t know what your question really is. Maybe you need other experienced or knowledgeable or random guys tell you it’s an extremely bad idea. It sounds like he has a whole lot of body image issues

He’ll look worse than female bodybuilders using steroids, that’s what he should know.

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Also, lots of folks in the TRT section have issues with gel absorption. Topical cream seems to be the way to go there but it needs to be compounded by a reputable compound pharmacy.

Myoscholar is right. The Test gets absorbed way better in these areas. Your friend should look into this but I don’t know what the goal is. The plasma levels needed to gain significant amounts are probably near the same as in other men. So your friend could run a normal cycle or a very mild one but that would set back the transition plans.

Top end, you’re talking about 4mgs a day absorbed. Almost certainly less. Not likely to do much for anyone except a woman that is totally healthy with decent levels already.

This might be a choice between libido and having to shave and possibly wear a wig (and other things that female bbers deal with) on a low dose male trt dose?

You could look into Janae Kroc. I believe she is using anabolics. Not very feminine though.

I honestly tried to talk her out of it. The thing that threw me was her doctor went and prescribed the test cyp at 100 mgs a week. I guess some doctors will or just are prescription writers once they have blood work showing you are not about to die.

And yeah I guess I am just hoping someone will present a story or evidence that I can show her because I think it’s way to much of a gamble for my tastes. Like I said she already has a lean mass amount that compliments her, it’s obvious she is “thicker” in her mid section (she doesn’t have a tiny female waist but she isn’t fat at all) but she actually has an upper body taper and hips/ass and for the life of me I don’t understand why she would risk it but of course most folks don’t understand why I think 6 foot 235lbs is just not enough.

That bit about her only getting about 4mgs absorbed from the 14-21mgs applied via gel is something I might be able to present as comparison for what she is wanting to do. Thank you.

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For reference

In males, this leads to enhanced pituitary LH secretion that stimulates the 500 million Leydig cells in the testes to secrete 3 to 10 mg (mean, 7 mg) of testosterone daily

So 4 mg for a man is (near) hypogonadal depending on the individual. Men will likely feel bad with that amount of T.

Sounds like your friend is figuring out what it’s like to be a woman. You can’t be both. I have only met one true chimera (having complete sets of both male and female reproductive organs) and they were a mess. Your friend will either have to make peace with what transitioning to female means or embrace their manhood. It’s a lot more fun to have a cock than be a woman.

I think they are finding out what it is like to be a trans woman.

They had an orchidectomy which resulted in issues with libido. An obvious consequence.

Women have sex drives. Not having any sex drive is not part of womanhood. So I can understand this person’s desire to ameliorate their deficient libido.

Although it seems that they are wanting to do more than just boost their libido.

I think the OP had solid advice for his friend but she doesn’t seem inclined to follow it. If she wants to have a sex drive she should use the absolute minimum test needed. The history the op gave included multiple feminization surgeries she had. It would seem foolish to risk undoing all that.

20 msg EOD is not a lot at all but guidelines for females transitioning to male have protocols where they get 60-100 mgs of test cyp. So thats obviously enough to cause masculinisation.